Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lily's Review of Damned, by Chuck Palahniuk

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Hmmmm… Wow…


So… This is my first Palahniuk novel, and frankly I am scared to pick up anything else written by this author, though I have ‘Fight Club’ on my “To-Read” list for April. And I hear from many (MANY) sources, that this guy is GENIUS and ‘Fight Club’ is ridiculously good.  I don’t doubt all these people… but I still have my fingers crossed.

Madison Spencer. A 13 year old girl, daughter of two eccentric famous parents, dies, and ends up in the most strange, weird, ridiculous version of hell I have ever read. 

A hell containing wonderful images such as: towering hills of clipped fingernails, dead skin and dandruff, a lake of wasted sperm, a steaming swamp of (partial??? – I am pretty sure I read that!) abortions and grounds strewed with odd array assortment of candy bars. Not to mention, where the dead have such jobs as making annoying telemarketing calls during dinner time to the unsuspecting living (I knew it!!!).  Where said 13 year old uses the severed and still very much alive head of one of her dead buddies to sexually stimulate a towering demon as it devours said head’s still flailing body?

Well, I will say this. Though Madison Spencer, 13 years old, who ‘might be dead but isn’t stupid!’ (or ignorant, or blah blah blah) is kinda annoying, she certainly is interesting. 

And though I think that this version of hell feels like it was conjured through enjoyment of a certain drug that Madison thinks actually killed her, it was most certainly amusing, and darkly comedic.

And though I honestly cannot rate this novel above the “It’s Ok’ rating (since I neither hated it, nor was blown away by it or even really liked it), I couldn’t close this book and stop reading it.

It was so completely absurd, that I just had to keep reading this to see how much more absurd it could actually get.  This novel was a metaphorical pug. So ugly… it’s actually kinda cute! (Before I get attacked by pug lovers everywhere, let's be clear. I like pugs. How can you NOT like pugs. Please refer to Super Cute Picture below!!!)

Yup... Really Cute!!!!

But maybe this is the Palahniuk genius I keep hearing and reading about. Write something so distorted, so perplexing and ridiculous, that no one that picks this novel up can put it back down until it is finished. That’s PRETTY GENIUS. But it still only get 2 stars out of me.


  1. Wow...some book there, I've never heard of this book and from the sounds of it don't think I will read it, lol. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. I've heard from some of his fans that this is not their favorite Chuck P. novel either. I am sure that I won't be disappointed with 'Fight Club'. I wasn't disappointed with this one per se... but it was just a little too strange for me.


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