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Lily's Review of 'The Truce', by E. Milan

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 When Aaron and Amber die they will wake in Purgatory. Unable to rest they will do the unthinkable and attempt to walk through Hell itself to find Heaven, and all they have lost, on the other side.

Once in Hell they will spark a revolution 2,500 years in the making.

Instead of waiting in Purgatory, to cross to Heaven, both Aaron and Amber do the unthinkable… they cross into Hell in the hopes of getting to Heaven sooner, and finding and facing their loved ones for the sins that have haunted them in life. Once in Hell, they must face unspeakable and horrible things that test their souls to the limit. In the midst of their own personal battles, another battle rages in Hell. In fact, there has been a war for hundreds of years, as some of the current souls trapped in Hell form a rebellion with a single minded goal of weakening Satan’s hold, in the hope for their own redemption.  And with that hope in their hearts, they bond together to see Aaron and Amber safely across the hellish lands, into Heaven.  The loss of their souls will weaken Satan’s hold, and the Rebellion fight with all their worth to make it happen.

I was not sure what to expect when I picked up this novel to read and review. There was a warning that this was a very dark novel, and so it was. It deals with the most difficult emotions and situations. It is filled with disturbing scenes, where the characters face their utter most guilt and despair given life. And it sure is not pretty. But then, when I think of what Hell could be, if there is such a place, it is in my mind a fitting description. A place where you are tormented endlessly with your own fears, guilt and despair, to relive your past grievous mistakes until you are driven mad.

But this novel was also so inspiring in that it showed the true nature of human spirit and survival. That in the most abysmal of places, and scenarios, where there is hope and determination, there is salvation.  I took with me a big message in this novel that giving up should never be an option. That even the ‘damned’ are still human souls, and no matter what transpired in life, there is hope.   That is the message I enjoyed the most about this story.

It was very well written and imaginative. I am boggled by the level of detail in this novel during the final battle. Every attack, every swoop of the enemy, and counter swoop, was meticulously described on paper in the most intricate detail.  I could visualize every swing of a sword, every move by every character involved in the scene. And the emotion… it was palpable and believable.  You could feel the fear, the utter feeling of hopelessness, and then the refusal to given in, the PUSH for that little bit of strength that got them just a little further in their quest.  

This was a well written novel.  I was very engaged from beginning to end and would recommend this novel for those interested in the synopsis to definitely pick it up.

**Stay tuned within the next few weeks for an author spotlight and interview with E. Milan!!!**



  1. This book sounds amazing. Thanks to your review I will be checking it out. As soon as I refill my book budget I will be grabbing this.

    1. Hi Laura,

      It is quite probable that we will be hosting a giveaway for this book very soon. So stay tuned for a chance to win a copy!


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