Monday, April 30, 2012

Lily's Review of 'You Know Your Way Home', by Suzanne Jauchius

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A true story about a woman with 5 husbands, secretly chasing killers and missing people, until she collides with a brash mystery man, an abrupt therapist in a padded room and a revered Lakota medicine man.

I very rarely pick up anything but fiction, but the synopsis of this one interested me enough. The author generously provided me with a copy for the purposes of review, and I am glad that I bent my 'no non-fiction' preferential rules for a change.

Suzanne Jauchius very bravely put her life down in a book.  I am sure that it was not an easy story to tell or expose to the world. Based on what I read about Suzanne in this book, this must have been a major step in her life to take; one filled with hesitations, I am sure. I commend you for your bravery.

As to the book in question, it was, without a doubt, a very intriguing  and emotional story. Suzanne Jauchius is certainly gifted but still a very normal human being.  I felt a very keen sense of compassion for this woman, reading how she was pressured to supress anything that made her different than others by the people that should have loved her the most.

Yes, this is the story of someone who behaved like a victim, because she was a victim. A victim of a difficult relationship with her unforgiving and intolerant mother. She is a woman who dealt with a multitude of failed relationships with, at times, abusive men who belittled, or disrespected her and fought to control her.  This is a story of a very real woman, just like many other real women, with less than perfect families, in less than perfect relationships, trying to find her way and her place. 

The story did reel me in, and I devoured the first three quarters of this book very quickly, but I do so wish that she had expanded a lot more on her gift of ‘sight’ with a lot more detail. It was there, but the details were almost like afterthoughts, and that did disappoint me. I don’t fancy myself a believer or a disbeliever, but I am at all times, open minded and fascinated. And yes, the psychic aspect of her life is frequently touched upon, but not with a significant degree of focus or as much detail as all the other aspects of her life. Basically, I found myself looking for more stories about finding missing persons, working with the police, etc. 

The moment the mystery man in the synopsis stepped into the story, I was perplexed. I didn't quite know what to make of this man. Frankly I couldn’t really understand his thought processes at all, or his conversations which sounded more like frustrating riddles with no answers. That was the point where the story kind of lost me, but I was invested enough in Suzanne’s story to continue the journey to the end. Even though I didn’t quite understand the mysticism of that part of the book, or what this character was trying to do (or did) for her. 

 It was a very interesting read and worthwhile picking up.
To Suzanne: I am humbled by your journey and understand that it has been a hard one. We can all be victims of others, or of circumstance, until we refuse to be, and learn to expect and demand something different from ourselves and those around us or close to us. I hope you continue to accept yourself and the gifts you were given, and feel comfortable in your own skin. I understand that level of comfort was a very difficult journey, and the apparent result was hard earned. 
All the best!

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