Thursday, May 17, 2012

Erin's Review of C U @ 8, by Cindy Vine

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Do your kids ever really leave?
Fenella Fisher and Suki Rabinowitz are middle-aged single mothers whose children have left home and started on their own lives and careers. But Suki’s son Josh is a cocaine-addict who supposedly fathered a baby on a visit to the UK; and Fenella’s daughter Kirsty has just been dumped and is feeling miserable. Fenella and Suki decide they need to step in to help their children and hatch a plan to sort out Josh’s mess and find Kirsty a suitable man, with some hilarious consequences. After interviewing prospective husbands for Kirsty at Waves Restaurant and Bar, they discover that a good man is hard to find. A fun, light-hearted read

This one is a difficult one to review. Let me start off with how much I love the cover!   Very catchy, bright, something I definitely would have picked up in a book store.

It took me a long time to read this very short book.  It felt as if two different people wrote the book.  The beginning was boring, lacked good characters, and almost seemed like the story was going nowhere.  Not to mention how annoying it is to read a book told in the 3rd person.  Fenella went to the store.  While there, Fenella bought her daughter Kirsty a shirt that Fenella really liked. Just not cool!  This little guy has obviously read this book...

It was about half way through when I got into the story.  At this point I would say the story picks up a little bit.  The complaint I have about it is that there was little conflict or build up between any of the characters.  Only at the very end were there any twist or turns in the plot.  After this book, I NEEDED to read something with high action and drama.

So needless to say this book wasn’t horrible, it was just okay.  I honestly wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, nor would I ever read another one of her novels.  But of course this is just my opinion, and maybe you should take a peek at it to form your own.


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