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Erin's Review of Torn, by Yolanda Klem

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The past two years had been grueling on Maureen; her infant child's sudden death caused incredible strain on her marriage and her mind. A year later, her husband Patrick was missing, presumably dead, when his body was never recovered from a plane crash over the South African Atlantic Ocean. Now a widow, Maureen will have to wait eight years to find out why Patrick left his entire wealth to an undisclosed person and her flat broke in a last minute change to his will a week before his death. With her lawyer, Sally Burton, by her side, Maureen will dig for answers during a faceoff with the formidable Grace Monroe in a court battle that will surely shock them all.

I was asked by the author for an honest review of her debut novella, Torn. This is in no way, shape or form bashing the author…just simply stating my opinion.

Normally, I don’t like to gripe on bad formatting for e-books, but this one totally threw me off.  When you are asking someone to take time to read your novel and do a review, you should probably make sure the e-book is readable.  It was very annoying to read this one!  At least every second page had a few random sentences in it.  I found the story jumped from one plot line to introducing a new character without warning, and as if we already knew this person existed.  Which I found very confusing.

The story itself was good.  It had okay character development, for the most part.  There were a few twists and turns that kept you wanting to read more…and I couldn’t guess what was going to happen at the end.  There were also a few little subplots within the story that probably could have been removed and it wouldn’t have affected the story at all.

One of the big things that lost me while reading this book was that I found there wasn’t really a character to relate to in this, nobody I fell in love with, nobody I hated. 

I wish I could say that it was better than it was, the concept was great, but I feel the characters needed a little work.

I would recommend you check this one out for yourself, everyone has their own views…and I have read some raving reviews on this.  However, I do advise you to purchase a paperback or hardcover copy instead of the eBook so you don’t go through the frustrations I did with the poor formatting.

Yolanda Klem was born in Rochester, New York where she earned her degree in Criminal Justice. After living in Canada, where she obtained her teaching degree, she traveled the world as an International Teacher specializing in Business English before getting married and settling into life as a military wife and mother of two toddlers. When not writing, you can find her reading, gardening, or chasing her children.

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  1. Thank you for your review. I did not realize you had read it (smile)This is the first time I have heard there are issues with the e-book formatting and I will discuss that with publishers as it is not acceptable. I do appreciate your honesty and feedback. Until next time we meet. YK


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