Friday, July 27, 2012

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Wicked MourningWidow, Clara Blackstone, is a faithful woman who has mourned her philandering husband for the last six months. Sheltered from pity and whispering tongues at a friend's country estate, Clara awaits the birth of her first child with mounting confusion. Despite the tiny life growing inside her, she dreams of passion in Reggie's arms. And the erotic fantasies grow more compelling every day.

When Reginald Moore's wife died in the arms of her lover, Clara's husband, he whisked pregnant Clara away from false friends to his country estate to avoid the strain of the scandal. After six months of pretence, Reggie is done mourning his faithless wife and, despite his originally noble intentions, he longs to have Clara in his bed - unborn child and all.

Published June 14th 2011

Kindle Edition, 32 pages

Lily's Rating: didn't like it it was ok liked it (my current rating) really liked it it was amazing  


One moment in time for these two characters, Reginald and Clara. Neither of them very emotionally attached to their dead spouses, who betrayed them with each other. They finally admit their feelings for one another and succumb to them in a passionate act of love. Promises are made, happiness to their upcoming new lives is felt. Very short story, but sweet with the right amount of sexual tension.

Picked it up for Free on Amazon. Pleasant 30 minutes reading time in the car as I waited for my own beloved to hurry up from a business meeting. 

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Lust of a Vampire Can the devil and the angel be one and the same? Selean was dying from a form of Cancer so she commits suicide. As she is dying and angel arrives to take her away. Only this angel turns out to be Raggar Vaul, a vampire that seems inclined to torture her. Then he claimed her as his own since he saved her life. He loves her with an unexpected passion that she is happy to enjoy, still she is his prisoner. While adjusting to living in his castle, he never warns her therefore she is unprepared for the encounters with an evil that is determined to kill her when it attacks. Will she survive or will the evil take over all? Warning this title includes explicit male/female sex and bondage.

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing (January 15, 2009) 
Print Length: 136 pages

Lily's Rating: didn't like it (my current rating) it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing  


Normally I would be setting up a post just for this one, and not in Itty Bittie. But I wasn't able to stomach most of this novella, and have very little to say about it.

Got it for free on Amazon Kindle, and glad I didn't pay for it.

This was hardcore porn on print. Simply put. Hardcore Porn formula too. Crappy weak storyline, and even crappier dialogue, surrounding just pure, unadulterated porn scenes. If you are into this type of erotica, go for it. But I quickly found out through our Sexilicious July that if I am just offered porn scene after porn scene, and your characters are annoying, or just bizarre, I am just not interested.

I need a good plot. I need good strong characters. The female character seemed promising in the beginning but ended up annoying the sh&t out of me by being a whinny, weak mess. And the male couldn't figure out whether he wanted to be an ass, sensual, or what. Just be quiet both of you, and screw each others brains out... maybe this would have been more enjoyable without both of you talking... Actually... maybe not!

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