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Erin's Review of Some are Sicker than Others, by Andrew Seaward

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After his fiancé, Vicky, is killed in a hit-and-run car accident, Monty Miller, a self-destructive, codependent alcoholic, embarks on a suicidal mission to drink himself to death. But his family intervenes and has him committed to Sanctuary, a rehabilitation facility high in the Rocky Mountains. There he meets Dave Bell, a former all-American track star turned crack addict, and the driver responsible for Vicky’s death. Can Monty forgive Dave for his unspeakable atrocity and finally find the courage to forgive himself? Or will he follow his addiction to its inevitable conclusion, using self-pity and blame as excuses to give up on life?

I was searching through a site called Book Blogs and came across this book.  Once I read the description I asked author Andrew Seaward for a copy, which he very kindly gave me in exchange for this review.

When I first picked up this book I admit I wasn't all that invested, Monty's story didn't really grasp me the way I thought it would...though when all the other characters were introduces I was completely sucked into the stories of all the addicts, I always find addictions fascinating...kind of ties into how the human brain works, and what causes a person to do this stuff to themselves.  

My favorite character by far is Dave, his story before being forced into rehab was so interesting, and likely the way a lot of addicts view themselves. "Ah, there's nothing wrong with's everyone else." There were parts in Dave's story that I found myself actually gasping out loud about.  A very well told story!!

I found the way that Seaward intertwined the lives of all of the addicts great!  As a reader we really got to know them as individuals and then we got to know them even more when they were brought together....brilliant writing!!

It saddens me to know that this exists everyday and everywhere...drug and alcohol addictions are a very unfortunate part of our society.

Needless to say if you enjoy a book about drug addicts / alcoholics and their stories through life and rehabilitation then this book is definitely for you!  Pick it up you wont be disappointed. 

About the Author
Andrew Seaward is the author of "Some Are Sicker Than Others". Although he makes his living as a chemical engineer in the Oil & Gas industry, his true passion is telling great stories through both acting and writing. He is a member and contributor of Benjy Dobrin Studios, the Cinematic Arts of Colorado, and the Denver Lighthouse Writers Workshop. He has written and acted in several short and feature length films, including "Drowning" which won an Award of Merit at the 2010 Indie Fest.  
Visit Andrew's website here!

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