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Review of Falling Apart, by Bonnie R. Paulson - A SupaGurl Blog Tour Stop

Welcome to our second stop on the 'Barely Alive' tour. Our tour stop today will feature a review of Book 2 of the series, 'Falling Apart', by Bonnie R. Paulson. I enjoyed the first book a lot (read the dual review here).

Join us Dec. 7th for review of Book #2, Dec. 11th for Book #3 of the series, and Dec. 15th for an interview with Bonnie herself!

Falling Apart (Barely Alive #2)
Days slip through Paul’s graying fingers. Humanity faces the end. His brother has the virus and is dying, too.

Paul’s hopes ride on Heather’s genetic code. Her immunity leaves her unchanged and untouchable. What would she see in the zombie he was becoming anyway?

Dominic’s army of infected grows, capturing the south and leaving little alive in its wake.

While Paul and his friends work on the vaccine, protecting the north becomes protecting the world. Heather is taken hostage and Paul races toward Dominic to save his heart.

With his time “alive” shortened, Paul must do more than protect the uninfected. He has to get his brother and Heather back to Sandpoint before the zombies find them. Paul needs to survive the upcoming war before he finds himself defecting to the other side and leaving Heather to Dominic’s mercy.

He has three days to get the cure or he might as well find a fire to call home. 

Lily's Rating:


Warning: This review is for Book 2 of the series. This review contains spoilers.

When it comes to zombies, as strange as it sounds, I enjoy reading about the 'outbreak' of what is usually a virus, that cause people to change into these zombie nasty beings.  It's crazy scary to me; it makes my heart pound. The slightest noise makes me jump in the middle of these reads, if written well enough of course.  In a series, all those details have been explored in the first novel. So this book didn't really explore that anymore, but continued the journey of the characters that have survived, in their race against time. 

I most definitely was NOT bored during the second book of the series. There was constant action from beginning to end to keep me interested. What appeared to be a light at the end of the tunnel for Paul quickly became unattainable as Heather was whisked away from him and into the path of his arch nemesis. 

Dominic, now turned, became even more of a vile character than when he was human. He was extremely cocky, which was laughable, since Paul and his allies seemed to always be a lot smarter than Dominic projected himself to be. That didn't keep Dominic from being one scary, sadistic bastard who figured out how he could control his hive of zombies with his thoughts.

But here is where I am a tad perplexed? Once Paul and his brother figured out the same thing, why did neither of them lunge at Dominic? I would have had my teeth in his flesh at the first opportunity.  Unless I missed some bit of information, I don't know why the mind situation could not be reversed by inflicting on Dominic the same measures he took with his group of flesh eating soldiers.

But may I commend Bonnie Paulson for the great scenes she introduces into this novel? Who would have thought to throw a bunch of stand-byes into a cold pool for later when you need some replacements, or instant army growth? WOW! Well thought out. I wouldn't have thought of that, and scientifically it does make sense how their bodies would be affected into a dormant state, to be reanimated later. Scary imagery, but extremely cool!

And hey, my favorite girl Heather? She is still so kick ass. After knowing the reason for her friend's betrayal she goes willingly even though she doesn't have an immediate plan on how to save herself from Dominic. Unfortunately for Brian, his sacrifice/betrayal ended up in one of the most revolting scenes I have ever read.  Talk about psychological damages. Dominic, once again, is one sick... SICK... character.

The main characters may be young and in the middle of budding love, but this is most certainly NOT a novel for young teen readers. Some of the atrocities committed or provoked by this super villain made my own stomach slightly revolt, and I have read some messed up fiction in my life! 
I eagerly moved on to Book 3 to see how this craziness all pans out. Once again I thank the author for her generosity, and look forward to posting my review to the conclusion of the Barely Alive series on December 11th!

Author Bio

Bonnie R. Paulson mixes her science and medical background with reality and possibilities to make even myths seem likely and give every romance the genetic strength to survive. Bonnie has discovered a dark and twisty turn in her writing that she hopes you enjoy as much as she has enjoyed uncovering it. Dirt biking with her family in the Northwest keeps her sane.

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Twitter: @bonnierpaulson 
Goodreads: Bonnie R. Paulson

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