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Kiddie Korner : Katie The Little Girl who Stuttered and then Learned to Talk Fluently

Title: Katie The Little Girl Who Stuttered Then Learned to Talk Fluently
Author: Dr. Ronald L. Webster
Appropriate Age Group: Grades 1-3
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This heart-warming true story about a smart, vivacious young girl who wants to overcome her stuttering inspires children and parents, alike.

Katie experiences some daily frustrations when her stuttering inhibits her ability to freely share her thoughts and feelings.

Katie's ardent journey to fluency is recounted in this unforgettable, non-fiction book.

3/5 Smiles

*This book was provided to me by the Hollins Communicatons Research Institute for review*

You can certainly tell that a doctor wrote this book by the title alone.  A very descriptive title. It is a well written children's book that is indeed educational.  This book is designed to give lessons in acceptance and to provide hope for those children who deal with stuttering on a daily bases.

Definitely a great book to have in the classroom.  Kids can be very mean and with more books like this teaching acceptance and support I think schools could be a more pleasant place to be for all students.  It will encourage children who stutter to understand that there is help out there, and they aren't alone.  While encouraging children who do not stutter to be kind and accepting.

It's a feel good story, one that makes you smile and feel warm inside.  Especially at the end.  Katie's letter to Dr. Webster when she is all grown up and has a daughter of her own made me tear up.

I definitely recommend this book to parents and teachers alike.  Those who are trying to get a point across to elementary school students (grades 1-3 would benefit from it the most) about how different each and every one of us are.  We can all overcome the obstacles we are faced with, and this book inspires us to do so.

About the Author:
Dr.Ronald Webster, founder and Director of the Hollins Communications Research Institute (HCRI), and Professor of Psychology (Emeritus), Hollins University, leads a major research program on stuttering that has produced a number of significant advancements in the treatment of this difficult and much misunderstood problem.
His extensive work on stuttering is based on the theory that difficulties in the stutterer's reception of his own speech sounds is the primary cause of stuttering. His research on stuttering therapy has brought fluent speech to the majority of the 4,700 stutterers who have undergone speech retraining at HCRI.
In addition to authoring the Precision Fluency Shaping Program, and The Hollins Fluency System, Webster has written over three dozen articles and book chapters dealing with stuttering that have appeared in various publications, including the Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, the Journal of Fluency Disorders, and the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.


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