Friday, February 22, 2013

Kiddie Korner: Six Minutes Past Midnight, by Annie Christensen

Title: Six Minutes Past Midnight
Author: Annie Christensen
Appropriate Age Group: Age 8-12
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Time ticks away and all things must yield to the relentless turning of its wheels. Yet in a certain country at a specific moment a boy interrupts the steady beat of the clock and the effects rush through the centuries interfering with the very balance of time itself.

An eerie silence creeps out of an attic window and spreads across the land. All living things in its wake are instantly frozen and the night plummets into impenetrable darkness. Angie and Chrystal wake up to the greatest adventure of their lives. 

Six Minutes Past Midnight is an action packed, humorous, fast moving novel for children aged eight to twelve

4/5 Smiley Faces
Author Annie Christensen approached me and asked if I was willing to read and review her children's novel and of course I said yes.

Look at that eye catching cover!  I am a book cover person, so if I hadn't read the blurb I would have said yes just because of the cover.

This book was pleasantly surprising!  Definitely one that I can see being read as a class read along in school.  It really grabs the attention of the reader and  never lets you stray.  

This is an adventure that your children would get a lot from. It's well woven and has all of the elements that make a great story.  The world building is strong, there is great character development.  To be honest I think this would even grab the attention of those children who just don't like to read.

If you are a teacher of children aged 8-12, or if you have a child around that age who loves adventure be sure to pick up this book.  You'll have them unable to put it down!!

Annie Christensen is a Danish author/artist currently living in France. Her 'middle grade' adventure story 'Six Minutes Past Midnight' is inspired by the ten years of her childhood which were spent in Denmark, coupled with the additional inspiration from the features and nature surrounding her home in rural France. Memories and events mixed together and then spun into the realm of fiction resulted in the imaginative fast paced tall tale which is 'Six minutes past midnight'

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