Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"It's Cancer", by Jay Otterbacher

Paperback151 pages
Published June 20th 2012 by Outskirts Press
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When your wife is diagnosed with cancer it is agonizing. When both of you are diagnosed within weeks of each other the uncertainty is relentless. Jay Otterbacher's memoir details one unbelievable year he could never have imagined. 

Anyone with a friend, colleague or loved one facing cancer can better understand what they are going through from this amazing story of thirty-two weeks in 2006. "It's Cancer" provides an unfiltered view behind the public facade into the home, relationships and treatment of one ordinary couple facing an inconceivable battle against two cancers at the same time. 

The implausible circumstances created the story. This narrative captures it in an open and friendly manner that allows you to be there with Karen and Jay as they use humor and strength to navigate through the fear, stress and uncertainty that all cancer patients know too well. 

Whether it was family, friends, dolphins or doctors something always appeared just the way it had to at just the time they needed it during this incredible year. In amazing detail, Jay shares the impact that each of these encounters had on their fight with the disease and their perspectives on life. If you have been told "It's Cancer," this book can be a source of hope and inspiration while you learn from the choices (both good and bad) that Karen and Jay made in their treatment and in communicating with the people who cared about them. 

If cancer has touched someone in your life the details captured in this book will give you insight into the week to week grind of the fight to regain control of their lives.

This story really hit home for me.  I'm not sure what made me pick it up.  Was it the clear cut title? Was it the pretty cover?  Was it the synopsis?  I keep thinking about why I chose to read this book.  I wasn't asked by the author. It was not given to me by anyone.  I found it in my library and had never read it before.  Then it came to me.  I read it because I needed to.  

There have been quite a few very serious cancer related scares in my life.  Some were recent and some from the past. It amazed me to watch by Mom and Dad overcome cancer.  One on their death bed, the other unsure if they were going to even be able to operate to get rid of the cancer.  And they both beat it...my Mom twice!!!  How amazing is that?!

It was a scary time in our lives.  What I saw from the outside was two brave souls doing anything they could possibly do to live.  What I didn't know was what they were thinking and feeling.  What they were actually going through.  This book gave me that perspective.  

It was such a well written look at a married couple who are diagnosed with cancer around the same time.  We see their fears and struggles.  I felt both sad and happy...I cried and I laughed.  You really get to know and fall in love with Jay and Karen.  

The best part is that it's not a tragic ending like most cancer related books are. 

This memoir is one that I would like to see everyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, or who has loved someone who has been diagnosed with cancer read.   I very highly recommend reading this book.  It will give you hope.    

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