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Choosing You, by Allie Everhart

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Hey Bookluvrs!

We get multiple blog tour requests every single day, without fail.  In order to be able to read some of my own picks, keep my reading on track and continue to get some blog posts up I am only taking tours that really call out to me.  Choosing You, by Allie Everhart is one that called out 'You'll regret not reading me'.  So I took it

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When Jade is given a scholarship to an elite private college in Connecticut, she sees it as a chance to finally escape her painful past and get a fresh start. She’s determined to succeed and that means keeping her focus on school and not guys. But her plan falls apart her first day on campus when Garret, a rich prep school boy with swimmer abs and a perfect smile, offers to help her move in.

Jade tries to push him away, but she can’t deny her attraction to him and Garret won’t let her. Things quickly heat up between them, but then come to a sudden halt when reality hits and Jade realizes that a relationship with Garret may never be possible. He comes from a world of wealth where there are rules, including rules about who he can date. And not following those rules has consequences.

As the two of them try to overcome the obstacles working to keep them apart, Jade is confronted with another challenge. On her 19th birthday, she receives a letter that her now deceased mother wrote years ago. In it are revelations that explain her traumatic childhood but also make her question the past she’s been running from.

This book did not disappoint!   Every time I had to put it down to do something else it left me wanting more.  At the left me needing more!  I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in the series (Knowing You).  

One thing that really grabbed me with this book is that there is no instant love story.  There is no instant relationship.  I really enjoyed reading about Jade and Garret.  Their relationship was gradual with the storyline and made it that much more compelling!

I love the crazy twists and turns.  Nothing in the story was predictable...which also made me a fan.

I read quite a few reviews before reading the book and I would have to disagree with a lot of them.  A lot of reviewers said they didn't like Jade because she was whiney and inexperienced.  I love Jade.  I love that she wasn't the typical college girl.  I love that she has some skeletons in her closet and that she doesn't parade around showing them off.  She is in fact inexperienced in life and slightly mysterious, and I really like that.  I thought it added a lot to the story.

Garret...what to say about attractive rich boy who knows the word NO.  I really like Garret.  I thought his character was very well thought out.  He isnt the macho, big headed douche bag that we normally read about in these YA novels.  He is a genuinely kind guy who knows what he wants.  

The two of them together is pure awesomeneness!  She is poor with a troubled past.  He is rich who has anything he could ever want, that is until his Dad steps in.

Can Garret keep his father happy and be with who his heart desires?

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes an out of the box YA.  

Allie Everhart writes about dating, love, and romance. She’s also a freelance writer for magazines and websites. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, running, or binge-watching TV shows on DVD. Some of her favorites are Gilmore Girls, Mad Men, Veronica Mars, and Gossip Girl. When writing her novels, Allie likes to drink dark-roast coffee when writing suspense scenes and red wine when writing love scenes. And eating chocolate is good when writing any kind of scene.

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  1. Ooh wow this sounds right up my alley with unpredictable twists and no insta-romance which is so refreshing! Great review! :)

  2. This sounds great, an unpredictable plot and slow burning romance without insta-love? Heck yes..I cannot wait to meet Jade and Garret. Great review Lily :)

    1. Hi Kimba! So nice of u to stop in. Yes this one sounds great. But I can't take credit for this awesome review. Erin wrote this one. :)


  3. Something about this book called to me too. And now that I've read your review, I definitely want to read it! Thanks for pointing it out!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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