Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Xpresso Book Tour Blitz - Life Lived Twice, by Sherrie Wouters

I am truly a sucker for a good love story. After reading the synopsis of this novel, it really is a no brainer that I have to add this on to my list. Sounds like it will be a rollercoaster ride with a few heartfelt sighs in between chapters. 

Life Lived Twice by Sherrie Wouters
Publication date: June 6th 2014
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Romance
Some promises are made to last forever…
What if you fell in love with a stranger…but that stranger had come from your past, a past you never knew existed until the moment your eyes met?
When Tess Winters locks eyes with a stranger at an airport bookstore, it ignites a feeling of passion somewhere deep inside her that she can’t explain.
Although the encounter is innocent and brief, the intensity of it lingers, leaving her overwhelmed by a yearning for the mystery man now consuming her every thought.
Struggling to break the powerful hold he has over her heart, Tess starts to experience strange but familiar dreams…dreams from the turn of the twentieth century of the charming Mr Addison Taylor.
As her dreams start to materialize into reality, and past and present begin to blur, Tess is forced to put the pieces of a forgotten time together, and soon discovers that love isn’t the only thing that can find you after an eternity.
Captivating, mysterious, and romantic, Life Lived Twice will leave you wondering whether love is so powerful it could last more than a lifetime.


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Sherrie Wouters is the author of the romantic fantasy, Life Lived Twice.

A qualified Homeoeopath and Kinesiologist, Sherrie lives in country Victoria, Australia with her husband, and two daughters. She is currently working on the sequel to Life Lived Twice.

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  1. Thanks so much for being a part of my Book Blitz for Life Lived Twice. I really appreciate you taking the time to feature it on your website.
    Sherrie xx


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