Thursday, March 31, 2016

Let's Chat - Bookish Gifts

I have been a bookworm all of my life, and gifting me is easy if you know what books I like to read! Throw in a candle, maybe some bath salts and good bottle of red, and you have me smiling ear to ear.  Actually I think every female book lover out there would thank you for the thought, but maybe you want to be more creative, or different and still stick to the theme.  I am sure that there are other ideas out there for you!
 An awesome bookmark goes a long way. Check out these really cool ones that I went gaga over!

Harry Potter Gryffindor Bookmark on Etsy  

 Or one of my personal favorites:

Zombie Hand - Custom Order on Etsy

 There are literally TONS of different and extremely cool bookmarks out there.
Looking for something a little more unique? Here are some other items that sparked my interest.
Antique Book Facial Tissue Box
Click here to find it at
Ok, this is really cool. Especially for readers like me, that pretty much cry at almost every novel that I read, including the occasional Harlequin endings.
Gag Gift Matchboxes
Click here to find it on Etsy
This literally made me LOL! Ya... slightly immature, but then I never proclaimed to be otherwise! Heehee
Click here to find it on Amazon
Click here to find it on Amazon
You may not get it, but trust me when I say this... A book lover will go insane over this. I have been made fun of many times when caught smelling a book... it's a hardcore bookworm thing. I often wished they would bottle the stuff, and here it is!

Library Embosser
Click here to find this at Horchow
A lot of readers have joined the e-reader craze.. I happen to be one of those that loves the convenience, and I don't purchase many physical books anymore, but this is a really cool gift for the reader that does.
As you can see, there are so many creative options if you are looking to gift yourself, or gift a book loving friend or significant other something really cool.  A quick google search will bring up even more great ideas. This is but a small little list and sampling of what is out there to bring a smile to a bookworm's face!

Enjoy and Happy Reading (... and shopping!)



  1. The book embosser seems pretty cool. I like the sense of humor of the zombie hands, too. :) Thanks for sharing!

    Juli@The Enchanted Word


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