Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What's up in 2017?

Happy Wednesday Bookluvrs!

Lily, Samantha and I have some pretty exciting things planned for you this year on Bookluvrs Haven.  Some of them will be done exclusively by one of us, some of them will be a collaboration of efforts.  Of course, we plan on providing you with our thoughts and feelings about the books we are reading...but there is so much more!

This year we want to be more interactive with our fellow bookluvrs.  In order to do that Lily, (with the odd topic from myself) will be hosting a monthly feature we like to call "Let's Chat"!

Let's chat will host a variety of topics related to reading or books where we will simply be having fun. Don't be shy!  Tell us your opinion, share a story with us! We want to get to know you, as you get to know us! 

Another awesome monthly feature we have planned is the Book Cover of the Month.

You're not supposed to do it, but everyone does!  In this feature all three of us will be choosing our favourite book cover of the newest and hottest books out there!  We may agree, we may not.  There may be a debate.  We encourage you to let us know which cover you like!

Back by popular demand...

We're going to have fun comparing book to movie adaptations.  This was a huge hit when we started it back in 2012 and is so much fun!  If you have any Book to Film ideas for us let us know!!

My baby, Kiddie Korner is returning!  This time we have a different idea for it, in effort to be a more interactive blog, I will be doing this Vlog style.

Lily and Samantha convinced me to step away from behind the screen and give you a real Kiddie Korner book experience.  You will get to see the book, while we explore it together.  This will start up at the end of April and will be a monthly feature.

So, that gives you a bit of an idea of what you will be seeing here on Bookluvrs Haven this year.  We are all super excited to share our thoughts with you, but more importantly to get to know you all! 

Please, if you have a second, shoot us a comment telling us who you are, where you are from and what your favourite book is.

If you haven't already done so, please follow us on our social media platforms or subscribe via email.  We have a BIG GIVEAWAY coming up next week that you are not going to want to miss out on!!

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