Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Book Cover of the Month

It's baaaaack!  I am really interested to see if any of us pick the same covers this month!  Make sure you weigh in on which cover appeals to you the most in the comment section!

Okay so what I did not bank on when deciding that Book Cover of the Month feature would be a go for 2017 is how many books I would be adding to the 'to read' list as a result... arrrghhhh... I guess there are worse problems to have, right?

Again it was a hard one this month, but I finally settled on the cover of 'Into the Water' by Paula Hawkins. Not only is this an anticipated novel from the author that brought us 'The Girl on the Train', but it is a beautiful eye-catching cover.


Both beautiful and ominous, this cover wins hands down for me. Gorgeous color scheme, great font, and the hint of that faded face in the background. It certainly does reflect the mystery that this novel promises to be, and I am sure the author will again deliver.

Excited to get into this one soon!

I tossed between two covers for a long time.  One of them, funny enough was the one that Lily picked.  It grabbed me, but I kept going back to this one...

This cover completely drew me in.  The colours, the way the face blends into the sky and the water.  I found it stunning and really made me want to pick it up.  On a side note, the title is great!  Haha!  It is always the husband! ;)  Of course once I picked the book I had to take a look at the synopsis and a few of the reviews and it has made its way onto my "to read" list!

Another hard choice for me this month. Like Erin I was having a hard time choosing between two books. Funny enough, Erin's second choice was Lily's book and my second choice was Erin's book! But in the end I settled for 'Saints for All Occasions' by J. Courtney Sullivan.

Now this is not a book I would read, good thing this is about looks and nothing else. This book drew me in with the amazing detail of the houses and skyline. The colour of the sky also grabbed my attention, it really does make this book pop. Unfortunately I wont be adding this one to my reading list, it just doesn't sound like my kind of book. However, this truly is a beautiful book cover.

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