Thursday, July 13, 2017

Off Limits, By J.L. Paul

What was I supposed to do?
I desperately wanted to take that summer art class – one that would count toward my college credits come fall.

But it was far from home and the only option I really had was to stay with Jackson, my stepbrother – the very stepbrother who detested me and my mother.

Surly and sullen, he was still the sexiest man I’d ever seen. He wasn’t thrilled to have me invade his home or his life.

Slowly, though, he warmed toward me. Was it because of the electricity that crackled between us? The irresistible pull we both felt? Or maybe it was the searing kiss we’d shared that night…
Whatever it was, he was teaching me things that I’d never learned in art class – things I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone.
What would our parents say?

I could've fallen in love with this book, but unfortunately I was left wanting more from this book. The characters chemistry was good at some points and then fell flat at others. It was a emotional rollercoaster... and not in a good way! When India (the main female character)  and Jackson (the main male character) had their moments together it was intriguing and pulled you in, then they would fight or just avoided their feelings and it got a little boring and frustrating.

I couldn't relate to the characters at all, there were a few times where Jackson would say or do something to push India away and she would just suck it up and get over it way to fast with sometimes no apology. She seemed kind of immature and a bit of a push over. And Jackson... what an asshole at times! You just cant say certain things to people, its just not okay. I don't understand how they ended up together in the end... I wouldn't have continued that relationship.

This book definitely had an interesting story line, however there could've been more to this book. It felt extremely rushed, especially the end. It was almost as if J.L. Paul just wanted to wrap up the book and be done with it. The fact it was so rushed and choppy killed the little romance there was. I'm not saying this is the worst book ever, but it failed to meet my expectations. I am disappointed so this gets a 2 star review from me.

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