Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Review - The Devil's Prayer, by Luke Garcias

A nun commits suicide in front of thousands in Spain. In Australia, Siobhan Russo recognises that nun as her mother, Denise Russo, who disappeared six years ago.

In search of answers, Siobhan travels to the isolated convent where her mother once lived. Here she discovers Denise’s final confession, a book that details a heinous betrayal that left her crippled and mute, and Denise’s subsequent deal with the Devil to take revenge. In the desperate bargain Denise made with the Prince of Darkness, she wagered Siobhan’s soul.

As Siobhan discovers the fate of her soul, she learns that hidden within the pages of her mother’s confession is part of The Devil’s Prayer, an ancient text with the power to unleash apocalyptic horrors.

And now her mother’s enemies know Siobhan has it.

Can Siobhan escape an order of extremist monks determined to get the Prayer back? Can she save the world from its own destruction?

Explicit Content Warning: "The Devil’s Prayer" is a historical horror thriller that contains brutality, rape, sex, drug abuse and murder. Readers may find its content offensive and confronting.

Two words

So Disappointing.

Another two words.

Info Dump.

All four words sum up this review. 

I stopped reading this at 53% because I could not adequately justify to myself to continue to waste another minute on this book. I just completely and utterly disliked it.

It wasn't because "it contains brutality, rape, sex, drug use and murder." It wasn't because I found "its content offensive or confronting".

It was simply because where it wasn't boring me to death with all kinds of information dumps, it was making me shake my head and laugh a little over how it lacked complete believability. I could not quite believe how Siobhan's mother committed some of her most heinous acts... the thought process as laid out in the book's pages just did not make sense to me and was very unrealistic. There was something lacking; that switch that turned and made her so cold and ruthless was absent... the pieces just didn't fit.

I read on hoping as the story developed it would get better.. but was disappointed to learn it was only getting worse. 

With over a thousand books in my 'to read' list... how could I continue to force myself to read even one more page... This book got a fair chance from me. It was time to stop the madness. I honestly don't understand the amount of raving reviews for this one.... I am at a loss.

A rare rating from me, and I don't like giving them out. Honesty is a bitch sometimes.

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