Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Let's Chat - Why are my 5 Star Reviews Rare?

5 Star Reviews.

For some reviewers, they may seem to come easy.

For me... not so much.

Before exploring as to why I am a University Professor when grading 5 stars - meaning.... I generally don't - let me lay out for you my definition of a 5 star review as per Lily.


My mind is, basically, imploding while and after I read your book.

Your story is so mindblowing, that I have a hard time going to sleep because I want to keep reading it.

 I am having an ugly cry when it ends because I wish it hadn't ended. 

I can't stop thinking about it for days, weeks... sometimes months and even YEARS. My friends threaten to block me if I don't stop raving about your book and practically want to force your book upon them.  I may even buy it and gift it to them whether they want it or not!

Now some people may say that maybe I need to choose my books better. Don't I know what I like?? Well, I really enjoy a wide diverse range of books... picking one up that I think I will like is never a challenge. Trust me when I say, I have too many books on my list to purposely choose any that I know I would NOT enjoy.  I am just not that kind of reader or reviewer.  But not that many have totally wowed me.

Another challenge is that in this age of explosive self publishing (which I think is also great, don't get me wrong. I have come across some amazing novels from self published authors), poor editing will automatically annoy me. Unfortunately, there are many self publishing authors that don't put their books through a good editor and maybe that is a cost thing, but it will make your ratings suffer. I have dropped a few books over poor editing unfortunately.

Here are some of my 5 star reviews - new and oldies, but trust me, these blew me away:

Angelfall, by Susan Ee

Prime example of a novel that flew under the radar for a while and just blew up on Goodreads. It was so amazing, I gifted a copy to one lucky winner.

The Walled City, by Ryan Graudin

A Netgalley novel that I took too long to read. Man, what a trip this one was. I was in a drought of amazing reading material too, and getting frustrated that I was not scoring any truly amazing novels when I picked this one up. I think I missed a couple of meals while getting through this novel.

Mine to Take, by Cynthia Eden

Hey, I am guilty of picking up some steamy novels once in a while. Another Netgalley jewel that was waiting for me patiently. This short novel was eaten up in one sitting. No fillers necessary, this was the perfect length because the author was amazing at building character and plot.

I have a few months left in the year and am hopeful I will discover another novel worthy of that elusive 5 star rating. 

Do you find it easy to find those 5 star reads? What are some of your 5 star worthy novels? What about them made them 5 stars for you? Let us know in the comments. Always looking for recommendations!

Happy Reading!

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  1. I am picky as well when giving out 5 stars. It has to make me ugly-cry. It has to be addicting, like I want to read it over and over again and it has to give me a perspective/experience in life that I wouldn't otherwise have if I hadn't read the book. :)

    1. Yeessss
      There are very few books that I have read in my lifetime that I have wanted to read more than once. Those are very special.

  2. Oh, yes, Angelfall was so good! 😍 I still haven't read a Ryan Graudin book - shame on me! 😂 But, yeah, I think I'm picky with my five stars, too! I usually rate most good books four stars, but five stars are usually saved for authors who just write great books or if reading the book sent me on a crazy emotional roller coaster that made me have an experience!

  3. I have very few 5 star reads. I think of it as "Has to be life changing."

  4. I used to give out more 5-Star ratings and then I actually decided to get more picky about it. I try to now only give out 5 stars if I think it's an All-Time Favorite. I hate it when I give a book 5 stars and then a few months later can barely remember it---what does that say? (Though my Goodreads ratings typically get rounded up, so 4.5 stars goes up to 5 and it looks like I give more than I do.)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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