Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 in Review Part 2 - Challenge Updates!

Ahhhh 2017... You have been an interesting year!

Started out by relaunching our blog, and adding another blogger, Samantha, to the writing mix! I got to read some really cool books, interact with other bloggers and set some reading challenges. We even refreshed our blog with a new theme, thanks to our talented guest blogger, Erin!

So let's recap!


This year I decided to take on only a couple of challenges besides my annual Goodreads reading challenge. Let's see how I did!

I had a little baby boy in January. I knew I wanted to read, and read A LOT during my mat leave, but it proved to be pretty hard when sleep deprivation kicked in almost immediately after he was born. But I still committed to read 50 books this year, which is a third of what I usually was able to do in years past. 

So how did I do this year?

:( Two books short.... I guess I could have grabbed a couple of short stories and pushed that number up, but I have a few novels lined up that are waiting for reviews and I have been trying to get through those books as soon as possible. So.... I was pretty close. Didn't beat my goal but I was pretty close. And considering how difficult it has been to balance a child, reading, writing and trying to keep the house somewhat organized, and the family fed, this was not a failure on my part.

I have set the same goal for 2018, and with the long commute to work, I should be able to meet this goal with the audiobooks I will be listening to on the way to work and back home.

Ahhh my favorite and most necessary challenge. I think this is my third year in a row? Necessary because I am such a book addict!!! I just went request crazy on Netgalley and then hit a reading and review slump that I couldn't find my way out of. 

I pledged to reach Bronze level with 10 books, but with the optimistic hope of hitting Silver with 25 books. 

I worked my little buns off this year to get in as many as possible and this is how I did!

Ahhhh SOOOOOO close to the Silver finish line! And I may have made it there, if I wasn't working on another project for 2018, and if Christmas wasn't the busy hustle and bustle that it is. However, I can't deny how hard I worked for these 23 reviews to go up and vastly improving my Netgalley stats. I think that I started out the year in the 50% Feedback Ratio and this is where I am now.

I honestly would be at the 80% if I had not gotten excited about my ratio going up and requesting 4 more books.

Arghhh I am my own worst enemy... But I am still proud that I pushed up that ratio by over 20%. I will definitely be part of this challenge again in 2018 and look forward to pushing that up to the 90s!

If any of you were part of this challenge, I hope you had a good year. It is definitely satisfying when you have success.

My last challenge is the Discussion challenge hosted by FYFA and ISAM. I tried it last year, but my blogging abilities were at an all time low due to personal issues. I wanted to do it again this year. 

I was aiming for

1-10 – Discussion Dabbler

Totally bombed this one!! BUT I did enjoy writing the above three posts, and I really enjoyed reading posts from other bloggers.

Though I enjoy the concept of this challenge, I found it hard to juggle this challenge, when I really wanted to prioritize getting reviews done. I think I may skip this one for 2018, and write discussion posts as ideas come to me, without the pressure of meeting a challenge. 

So I am happy to say that my challenges were not a complete failure this year. LOL I look forward to the challenges that I will take on next year, and maybe add something new. So stay tuned for that post, and maybe a few of you will even join me on some of those!  

Until then.... Happy Reading!

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