Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday


Good morning! And welcome to my very first Top Ten Tuesday post, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. 

Over the years I have enjoyed reading many of these TTT posts on other blogs and even contemplated starting them myself, but never made that leap until this year. 2018 is a year where I am gearing up to do a lot of embracing of new things, and decided why not? One new thing for the blog, and some new content and discussion. 

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This week's topic is about our bookish resolutions/goals for 2018. I am a big list maker and that is how I usually center myself when I am feeling overwhelmed. I make a list.  In terms of goals for my reading, I have made many, and took on some challenges this year to help me obtain them. There is no better sense of accomplishment when you cross out all the items on your list so hopefully I get to cross out each of these by the end of the year.

1. Finish my Netgalley backlog!! 
This is truly my #1 goal this year. I went a little nuts requesting books that I then could not keep up with. 2016 was, personally, a very difficult year for me, and I didn't do a lot of reading, and pretty much stopped blogging. Last year I tried really hard to catch up and had success, but this year, I think that I can definitely finish reading and providing feedback for everything I have left. I have already brought up my feedback ratio to 80% and it's only January 16th, so I think I am definitely on track!

2. Clean up my TBR!!
My 2nd major goal this year. I started out January with 1147 books in my TBR list... I will need 10-20 years (depending on how many books I can average) to get through all of these without adding.a.single.book to the list... and THAT will be downright impossible. Forget that! I need to go through my list of books and really evaluate which ones I am truly still interested in.

3. Read some of the older titles on my TBR
I incorporated a challenge around this goal, which also will help me with goal #2. (For details, click on my Challenges page). I don't always read ARCS, but I have been reading newer books, and those added to Goodreads back in 2012 and 2013 are gathering virtual dust. I need to get some of those books read.

4. Get through my physical books at home.
There is a pile of physical books that I have bought or received as gifts that have been gathering REAL dust in various corners of my house. Those need to get read! Then I will decide on whether to donate them, or maybe give them away to another reader so I can declutter them out. That is a 2018 goal too (declutter) but THAT is for another list. LOL

5. Read more YA/NA (Young Adult/New Adult).
These are my favorite genres and last year I didn't read much of it. I am starting on a new blog project soon centering around those genres and so I began to pick those up again. I have already read some amazing books that blew my mind and reminded me as to why I LOVE this genre so much.

6. Read more than last year.
Ok, this is a pretty hefty goal. I will tell you why. Last year I had a baby boy. I thought I would be able to read more. But once this kid learned to roll over, my reading moments were over. I have gotten pretty good at making time during his naps and before bed but barely made my goal of 50 books read in 2017. I kept the same goal for this year, but hope to read more. HOW? No clue. LOL but I start back at work next week and I will be commuting quite a bit, so I have accumulated a few audiobooks to get into on the drives which should help my number.

7. Write reviews before starting new books!
Oh my god. I am sooooo bad at this. I can go on a reading binge and 6 books later I force myself to sit down to write reviews, and details have been forgotten. I really have to break that habit, ASAP. 

8. Be more active on Social Media.
So this is not a personal social media thing. This goal is for this blog. I need to get more engaging on twitter and facebook and reach more of you readers, ask more questions, get some chatter going! When I do make some time for it during the week, I love it. I enjoy reaching out to readers on different forums, but have to make the time.  I also used to chat so much and developed relationships with readers on Goodreads and have become virtually non-existent there. I would like to reconnect with them again.

9. Get more involved with other bloggers.
Building a blogger community is so important, and satisfying. After all, you are connecting and supporting fellow readers/bloggers just like you. I have a few bloggers that I have continued over the years to comment and support, but I am not consistent. And I would like to find new bloggers whose content I can enjoy too, so I would like to do more of that this year.

10. Blog Scheduling
I got some good momentum on this blog last year and I need to keep working on making sure that I continue to provide regular content. Not just reviews, but more giveaways, if possible, and discussion posts to get us chatting more. Becoming very organized and scheduling my time as much as possible hopefully will help me get there.

*    *    *

So clearly I have some pretty challenging goals this year but I hope that I will be able to accomplish many if not all of them.  What reading goals do YOU have for this year? How do you hope to accomplish them? Let me know if the comments! 

Happy reading!


  1. I got a lot of books to finish on NetGalley too! Let's hope we both complete it!

    Here’s my TTT!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

    1. Good luck to you! It's so easy to click on that request button, isn't it? :)

  2. My blogging goal for the year is to read 100,000 pages. I'm having to work really hard to fit reading into every spare minute!

    1. Wow that is an amazing goal! All the best to you in meeting it this year. I am sure you will do it!


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