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Top Ten Tuesday - Longest Books on TBR still Unread!

Good morning and welcome to my Top Ten Tuesday post, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. 

This week's topic is about the longest books on your To Be Read list. Oh boy, what a loaded topic for this blogger/reader. 

First of all, I had to find a challenge this year around this issue. When I calculated how many years I would need to finish my current list without any other books being added... well... let's just say, I was quite stunned. And I have to be frank with myself... I have a little toddler, and new babe to come soon, and I need to be realistic... I will NOT be reading at my previous pace, back a lifetime ago, when there were no kiddies needing my attention.

So... I have done a little bit of clean up of the TBR list already and my Top Ten longest books on my TBR are truly ten that I want to read! All of the below titles have one thing in common. They were all added in January 2012 on the same day, when I first signed up to Goodreads, and went NUTS with the recommendations.

(Click on the book titles to be taken to their Goodreads.com page.)
 1. Relic, by Douglas Preston - Museum visitors being killed by something not human? Ya! Sign me up!! I am a lover of monster thrillers, and this one is definitely a novel I still want to pick up and read.

2. Pandemonium, by Lauren Oliver - Seriously?!? How is this still on my TBR unread?? I LOVED Delirium, and still having book #2 of the series on my TBR is a testament of how out of control it is. I should have read this ages ago. As we speak, I have listed this one on my library wish list to read next.


3. The Lions of Al-Rassan, by Guy Gavriel Kay - I am pretty sure that this was a friend recommendation. I love epic stories, even though they tend to be long books, and intricate reads. This one sounds like it fits that type of book, and maybe that is why it has sat around for a few years. Maybe, just maybe, I will pick this one up soon and get it in before I have two babies wanting my attention.


4. Daughter of the Forest, by Juliet Marillier - I am a HUGE fantasy fan, and again, this one fits the epic type of series. But this one is probably more along my tastes. It promises to be adventurous and dark, and I seem to like my fantasy novels fall that way.

5.    Ahab's Wife, by Sena Jeter Naslund - Another one that I believe was a friend's recommendation. This one also seems like the kind of book that I would need a few quiet hours for... like, lots of quiet hours since its over 700 pages. I am very curious about this book still, and its reference to Moby Dick. I hope that I do enjoy this one, as it is usually not something I would pick up.


6. Sandstorm (Sigma Force #1), by James Rollins - Ok so I am a big James Rollins fan and will read anything he writes. I have read the Sigma Force series totally out of order, which is perfectly acceptable, since it is not a continuous plot. Some of his books are super fun and action packed, and I have found others to be a bit on the drier side. It just depends on the topic and how it is presented. But they are always full of action and violence. Yes, I like that in my books. This one is about the quest for a lost city buried underneath the Arabian desert. It could be awesome, or it could be a dry bust (no pun intended). I will have to get my hands on this one and find out!


7. Suzanne's Diary of Nicholas, by James Patterson - This is another James I enjoy reading, and his writing can be all over the map. Love stories are NOT what he is known for, and that is probably why I wanted to check this one out. I am certainly taking my time getting to it though, clearly.


8. The Bone People, by Keri Hulme - Nevermind all the awards this novel has won, I was getting recommendations for this book back then left, right and center. This sounds really different and something I would love to get into to break up the usual YA, and zombie novels I like to get into most of the time. 


9. Still Alice, by Lisa Genova - This popped up as a recommendation since I was binging Jodi Picoult novels, which I would have NEVER picked up were it not for the passionate convincing of a fellow co-worker. Wow I still can't get enough of her books. This will not be the first book by Genova that I would be reading, and I enjoy the writing. However, this type of literary fiction is one I have to be in the right mood for. 


10. Vlad: The Last Confession, by C.C. Humphreys - Ahhh Dracula. Enough said. This one just got put on my library wish list too, because I love me anything Dracula. Romantic Dracula, evil Dracula, mad Dracula... love it all. I want to get into this one ASAP.


And this concludes my Top Ten Longest books on my TBR still Unread. This post has certainly helped me with one of my challenges, because I have made it a point to get at least three of these moved up as 'next reads'. 

It is so easy to horde book titles in a TBR, and even easier to lose sight of these books. Needless to say, it is an excellent exercise to go back into your list and take a look at the titles that have been there the longest and remember why you put them on the list to begin with.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Delirium has been on my TBR for a long time. I met the author and got the book signed, but I still have not read it. This is a nice list of books. I hope you enjoy them!


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