Monday, April 22, 2019

Book Review - Ryder, by Diana Gardin

Title: Ryder
Author: Diana Gardin
Release Date: February 12, 2019
Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing)
Source: Netgalley

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My Rating: 3 stars

Since Valentine's Day was around the corner, I was in the mood for a romance. And not just any romance. The kind that makes your heart pitter patter because the guy in the novel is strong, rough, protective kind of male that most of us kind of yearn for (let's be honest here!)
Ryder seemed to fit the bill for all the wants on the list. And he certainly checked off all the criteria above. He was very strong, rough and very protective of the woman he cared about.
Frannie used to succuum to the wishes and wants of her ex-husband. His suceptability to violence against her made it an incentive for her to always please him, but his level of paranoia in her faithfulness made every effort she made useless. When he almost killed their unborn child and landed her in the hospital, she had had enough. She made the decision to finally leave, but needed protection, as her ex-husband lived in a much darker world than she even imagined.  
What I enjoyed about Frannie was how she rose from the situation so strong and determined to escape her ex, and learn to take care of herself. She was still frightened of the man, but she wasn't going to allow him to take up one more minute of her life. I don't believe that she was looking for anyone else to be a part of her life, and she sure was believably surprised at the feelings she developed for Ryder when in protection with him as her guard.
On the sizzle meter, this book was up there, however, their chemistry was a bit abrupt. It was neither an immediate lustful connection that entwined them together, nor did it seem to be the slow burning kind that builds up a level of anticipation even in the reader. It was a flip of the switch kind of situation, and once they were physical, they connected. The forementioned two scenarios are much more to my liking. This instant switch didn't do it for me. That being said, once they 'hooked up', their emotional build up was satisfying.
This novel follows the classic romance formula, so of course you have some conflict at the end with the bad guy. It all concluded in the expected satisfying way, and once again, love conquered all. All the right fuzzies just in time for Valentine’s Day, which is around the time I started the book.
Many thanks to Netgalley, Authors and Publishers for making copies available for review. No compensation was accepted and my opinions are 100% my own.

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