Monday, May 14, 2012

Erin's Review of Straight to Hell, by Michelle Scott

My rating:
didn't like it it was ok (my current rating) liked it really liked it it was amazing
The moment Lilith Straight dies, the Devil appears to claim her soul and cash in on a family curse. Now, Lilith has no choice but to work for him. The job is bad, the boss is worse and she can’t imagine how she’ll explain her new reincarnation to her eight-year-old daughter. But then an arrogant, yet oh so yummy, incubus shows up…and hell heats up just a little more.
When I read a book I read it to be completely enveloped in the story. I become part of the book. I can see it playing in my head like a movie. Only, with this book, I didn't.

The story was okay, easy to follow...and unlike anything I have read before. It's the lack of character development that lost me. I want to read a book and fall in love with one of the characters...that didn't happen in this book. There weren't very many emotions brought out while reading this, which again is something that I love about reading.

The writing was good, and easy to understand. I would recommend this book to a younger reader.

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