Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lily's Review of 'Scars', by Cheryl Rainfield

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Kendra must face her past and stop hurting herself—before it's too late....
An edgy, realistic, and hopeful novel about a teen survivor of sexual abuse who uses self-harm to cope.
Kendra, fifteen, hasn't felt safe since she began to recall devastating memories of childhood sexual abuse, especially because she still can't remember the most important detail – her abuser's identity. Frightened, Kendra believes someone is always watching and following her, leaving menacing messages only she understands. If she lets her guard down even for a minute, it could cost Kendra her life. To relieve the pressure, Kendra cuts; aside from her brilliantly expressive artwork, it's her only way of coping. Since her own mother is too self-absorbed to hear her cries for help, Kendra finds support in others instead: from her therapist and her art teacher, from Sandy, the close family friend who encourages her artwork, and from Meghan, the classmate who's becoming a friend and maybe more. But the truth about Kendra's abuse is just waiting to explode, with startling unforeseen consequences. SCARS is the unforgettable story of one girl's frightening path to the truth.

This is a truly gut wrenching novel that screams of actual author experience. I could not see an author writing so knowledgeably of this issue, and with such deep emotion based on research alone. And Cheryl Rainfield is not shy about stating that she is in fact a victim of abuse and self harm. 

It is really heart wrenching to read a novel like this, because it happens to innocent women/girls more than any of us want to imagine.  I could not relate to our main character's severe emotional instability because, thankfully, I have never had to deal with a situation like this, but as a woman, my heart went out to her and I understood her emotions. 

The author wrote this beautifully, though the issue in this story is anything but beautiful. But her writing skills were superb and she delivered a very interesting and emotional story, rich with well developed and believable characters and plot.
Our character grows stronger and more confident as she chooses to face this terrible series of events which occurred so early in her life. She discovers herself and her strength through the help of therapy and positive influences in the people around her. She faced her nightmare, walked away scarred, but a much stronger person, hopeful and optimistic about her future - a true survivor and fighter.           

A fast read that really explored a lot of the reasons and emotions behind these self harm behaviors and the realities around it.  This novel was undeniably gripping and interesting, and suitable for Young Adults and older. I would definitely recommend this novel, and I look forward to reading more works by this author.


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