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Lily's Review of Girl in the Glass, by Zoe Brooks

Girl in The Glass“I will have to say it: 'I am Anya and I am nothing'. I will look down at the floor as I say it, so that I don't see the smile on my aunt's face, so she won't see the defiance in my eyes. She will get her victory. She always wins these battles. I know it, she knows it. But one day, one day she will not.”

In this Cinderella story for adults there is no fairy godmother and no handsome prince, just a girl of spirit and her strange companion.

Orphaned at the age of 10 in circumstances that she refuses to explain, Anya grows up trapped in the house of her abusive aunt where she and Eva, her Shadow, are treated as slaves. As her aunt tries to break her and the punishments become increasingly life-threatening, Anya struggles to find affection and self-esteem. When the inevitable showdown arrives, where will Anya find the strength to survive and escape? And if she does escape, what then? An arduous walk across an unforgiving desert to a city where an even worse danger lies.

Kindle Edition
Published March 2012

Lily's Rating: didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing (my current rating)

 ** Hey everyone!  I moved up the date of this review, because of a really special offer happening soon in relation to this writer and I wanted to share the great news with all of you. More details at the end of this post! **

I want to summarize my feelings for this novel in a simple, quick pic.

This book was epic, and by far this year, one of the best books I have read.

Yes... I said it! One of the best books I have read this year.

I am the retriever, and this book is my ridiculous, gigantic, prehistoric sized bone.

K, now that I have gushed, let me tell you why.

The reasons:

1. The writing is phenomenal.  It was almost poetic. Scene after scene just flowed, one after the other, filled with an array of emotions that was truly a roller coaster ride.

Example: Anya is punished by her evil, rotten aunt by being shoved and locked into a cupboard/closet for 5 days.  5 DAYS!!! What is impressive about this is that the writer had me absolutely riveted through each single moment of these scenes... of a girl locked in a closet for 5 days. WHO CAN DO THAT??!!!  Zoe Brooks can and did!!

2. Character development was superb. Each character, no matter how small of a role he/she played was explored enough to give you an inside glimpse of who they are. You understand their actions, their decisions, you empathize for some, you absolutely can't stand others. I wished death on a couple. I teared up a few times. How much more invested can one be?

3. World building was great. You may not know the city, and you may not be intimate with the culture, but you definitely feel like you could navigate through it with familiarity. As a reader looking in, you feel like you are in each single place. Whether you are alongside Anya, and her 'shadow' in her aunt's home, or following them through the dangerous desert, or through the streets of the city they try to survive in. 

If I could have read this in one sitting I would have. It was not for lack of trying.  The ride this book takes you through is riveting and seductive, and I had a very difficult time putting my kindle down for any reason. I walked into a couple of walls trying to read a few more words, honestly.

The 'Shadow' was an interesting concept. Erin and I have discussed this a couple of times, trying to figure it out... what exactly is a 'Shadow'?  Anya's shadow, Eva, was as intriguing as our main character. She seems human enough. She interacts with other characters, and they with her.  She is sweet, kind and incredibly intuitive and intelligent, though her behavior is perceived otherwise.  But 'Shadows' are not seen very favorably.  Maybe the fact that it is not fully spelled out for you is part of the magic. But I have a theory that it may be the latest born in a set of twins. But I won't have confirmation unless I continue this series, and hope that Zoe Brooks gives me a little more info. 

Did I just write 'Series'? Oh yea!! Very exciting, since I didn't want this book to end! But it did (big sad face goes here) and I will have to patiently wait for the next installment! ARGH!!

I would recommend this novel to ANYONE willing to try something new, or if this book sounds right up your alley. Because it left a huge impression on me. I am keeping my fingers crossed, and my eye out for a hard copy, because I would want to get one for my collection, and I imagine that it will be worn down over time. Otherwise, I may wear out my kindle page turning buttons, as I can see myself re-reading this, and I don't do that with many books.

It's a WINNER!

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About the Author:
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Zoe BrooksI am a British writer and poet. I spend half my life in a partly restored old farmhouse in the Czech Republic, where I write all my novels and poetry. I aim to write popular books, which have complex characters and themes that get under the reader's skin. My first novel Girl in The Glass is available on Amazon, along with my second Mother of Wolves and my long poem for voices Fool's Paradise

For more information and/or to connect with Zoe Brooks, please check out her website!  

As per Zoe's website, her new novel 'Mother of Wolves' will be free between the 5th and 7th August on
I won't miss MY opportunity to grab it. I would recommend you don't either!!

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