Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lily's Review of "Sweet Blood of Mine", by John Corwin

From Mega Nerd to Super Stud.

Justin Case and women do not mix. Man boobs, a love of Kings and Castles, and being tight with the "nerd" crowd certainly don't win him any points either. After rescuing Katie, his crush, it turns out she might not be the girl he thought she was, while Elyssa, the school's Goth Girl, turns out to be more. Can high school get any more confusing?

Determined to improve himself, he joins a gym and meets a sexy girl that just oozes a "come hither, Justin" vibe. Until she attacks him in the parking lot, and Justin realizes she's no ordinary girl but a being with supernatural speed and strength. After a narrow escape and an excruciating migraine headache, he wakes up with supernatural abilities all his own: speed, strength, and the ability to seduce every woman he sees.    For full book synopsis click here!

Paperback, 306 pages
Published April 26th 2012 by Raven House

Lily's Rating:  didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it (my current rating) it was amazing


Dear John Corwin,

You surprised me! I never thought I would ever read a YA novel from a guy's perspective. 


But I did, and you wrote it, and it was superb! 

Justin is believable from beginning to end. I felt sorry for him, I cheered him on, I wished he punched Nathan's face in for most of the book. I felt emotional for him during his heartbreaks and disappointments. And I wanted him to get his girl. 

He was the perfect specimen to describe the 'underdog' who comes out on top. The chunky, not very attractive, super nerdy guy that no one takes a second look at, unless you are that Nathan a%^h*le who doesn't miss an opportunity to bully him. 

You can't help but love Justin. And when suddenly he begins to develop incredible abilities, his body starts to turn from flab to fab, you are completely on the edge of your seat urging him to defend himself, and cheering him on when he does! And of course, now he is getting more attention, and not all of it to his benefit. But he, most definitely, reached hero status in my eyes.

So John... You delivered. I ate this novel up like a pile of oh-so-delicious McDonald fries.

And I can't wait to get my hands on the second novel and do dirty things to it! 

Thank you. You are on my 'Author Stalk List'.



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