Monday, October 15, 2012

Erin's Review of Shattered Visions, Haunted Memories By Reyna Hawk

Just when Janie thought she had all she ever dreamt, the powers that be would suddenly change her course; throwing Janie head long into a world of uncertainty and casting a puzzling shadow on all this life she’d grown to love. Janie would soon discover nothing in her world was what it appeared. Leaving her confused, broken, and determined to find the answers in a new but familiar realm filled with secrets and deception. Memories and turbulence lead Janie on her quest to discover the truth concerning herself, her past, the Petrilo crime family, and her brother’s murder.

Is Rico's unfinished business in Cherokee to finish the hit the Petrilos put on her? Is Malachi willing to take a bullet for his new love; or will he walk away from the danger and free himself of the drama Janie has brought to his once peaceful life? Love and deceit will lead them all to the truth. 

The last book in the Valentine/Petrilo series was by far my favourite!  A few days ago I finished the second in the series and wrote this review about it.  I am happy to report the confusion I wrote about was all dealt with in this book!

The characters continue to develop more and more within this third, and final book.  I felt such a deep emotional connection to both Janie and Rico.  Malachi kind of lost it for me in this book.  I always felt a stronger connection to Rico...and it was easy to tell that Janie also had a stronger connection with him.  The emotional connection was so strong that I actually cried while reading. (I know...lame right?)

The twists and turns within this book were incredible.  The author had you guessing from beginning to fact it was like that throughout the entire series, in my opinion.

All in all a fantastic series, which I highly recommend reading. Two thumbs up for author Reyna Hawk!!!

One word of advice....make sure you have all three of these will want to continue reading through them!!

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Shattered Visions, Haunted Memories (Book Three)

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  1. Thank you so much Erin!! I am so happy you liked the series! Smiling from ear to ear here on the two thumbs up!!


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