Friday, November 16, 2012

Erin's Itty Bitty Review of After the Rain, by C.S. Vance

Serial killer Martin Thanos takes one last life...

My Rating:

This was a creepy little short story that I found on Smashwords for free.  I always like reading books that catch my attention when they are from Indie Authors.  Give the unknown a chance.

The synopsis of this book doesn't really tell you a whole lot which is why I wanted to read it.  I love reading about serial killers, almost as much as I love watching Dexter!!

I thought this book was good, it could have been better had the characters been developed a bit more. But like any short story there is only so much the author can tell you in 8 pages. 

Without getting into spoilers I really liked how this one ended.  I have yet to read a short story about a serial killer that ended this way.

If you enjoy being kept on the edge of your seat for a few minutes then I suggest you pick this one up.  It definitely didn't feel like I wasted the 5 minutes it took for me to read it.

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