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Ittie Bitties! Short Story Reviews

Welcome to November's Ittie Bitty post, where we take the opportunity to review short stories that we have read this month. This month I picked up a couple of freebies on Amazon, and took on a third short story from Untreed Reads Publishing for a review.

Clouds (Modern Tales of Horror) 

Book Blurb From: Amazon
Author: Matt McAvoy
Publication Date: Jan 25, 2012 by MJV Publishing
Kindle Edition: 10 pages

Imagine you're falling; flipping over and over through the sky - not in a dream, but in startling reality. A loud bang then nothing... nothing but the wind rushing past you and the sound of your own terrified screaming.
You pray, desperately pray for salvation - death, madness, or a miracle in that welcoming bed of clouds.
Scream and pray - you have nothing else.


Lily's Rating:

I didn't read the blurb before picking this short story up on my kindle. But it became very clear that something unusual was going on. This poor guy is definitely falling, and thinking a million thoughts a second, revisiting regrets, loves and was in complete agony over what was coming. The entire time, I was thinking... this must be a hell of a nasty dream, and this guy is going to wake up! But the reality was very different. Once I realized what was really happening, the story impacted me on a much more emotional level. I do confess my eyes watered reading this one. Well written, riveting, and incredibly heart breaking!

Buy it on Amazon!

Grinning in the DarkBook Blurb From: Goodreads
Author: N.R. Wick
Publication Date: Oct. 24, 2011
Kindle Edition: 16 pages

Bethany is plagued by night terrors of a shadowy figure with an enormous grin and huge, round eyes. When the creature becomes real and starts to torment her while she’s awake, Bethany struggles to hold onto her sanity. She hides the problem from her best friend, Jordan, and her crush, Grey, to keep them safe, but discovers no one is safe from darkness.

Grinning in the Dark is a Young Adult short story from the upcoming collection Dark Ascension: A Demon Anthology.

Lily's Rating:


How is a reader bored from reading what should be a really creepy tale? And it was quite creepy, but still... I was quite unstimulated reading this story.  Maybe because I had just ended two quite gory novels before hand, who knows? But the last scene of this short story was quite eerie, though the ending of it was a little 'meh'. It was entertaining enough for something so short, but forgettable for me.  That being said, if the blurb interests you, I would not deter you from giving it a chance. It was well written even if the subject matter did not personally grab me.

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Old Flames Sometimes DieBook Blurb From: Goodreads 
Author: Hamilton Waymire 
Publication Date: July 28, 2012 by Untreed Reads 
Kindle Edition: 16 pages

Romy was his high-school sweetheart; then she broke his heart. Twenty-five years later, she drops by his office as if nothing has happened, and asks for protection.

Despite Romy's considerable charms, L.A. private eye Floyd Hunter stands firm and refuses to take on her case. When she is assassinated and dies in his arms, revenge is a matter of honor. Within twenty-four hours, seven people are dead, and Hunter learns a thing or two about his old flame that he could have done without knowing.

Lily's Rating:

Yeeessssss! This one was a winner. 

Out of bitterness, I imagine, Floyd denies the woman he loved and was betrayed by, the help she asks for. Minutes later she is shot down. Floyd is enraged and vows to avenge her death.  

I love a short story that is written so well that you feel like it is a lot longer than it really is, because you feel that you know the characters SO WELL! Excellent character and plot development with a twist that wasn't as predictable as I thought it would be. A good murder mystery to boot with a satisfying ending.  

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  1. Thank you, Lily, for the kind review of "Old Flames"!

    Made my day.


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