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Lily's Review of A Part to Play, by Jennifer L. Fry

A Part to Play

When fifteen-year-old actress Lucy Carter loses her older sister in a car accident, her mother shuts down and her father can’t hold the family together. Their only choice is to ship Lucy off to the Edmond School for Performing Arts. But boarding school is no cure for Lucy’s grief. With failing grades, wooden stage performances, and curfew violations, Lucy is threatened with expulsion. For the once talented Lucy, it feels as though she has nowhere to turn.

One night, Lucy hears mysterious music drifting through the school’s old heating system. The music leads her to a troubled but passionate songwriter whose brilliance gives her the strength to perform like never before. Yet their intense relationship puts Lucy in a precarious position: if she follows her muse, will she lose herself? And if she breaks it off, can she stand on her own again?

Paperback, 267 pages
Published August 10th 2012 by Rogue Phoenix Press 

Lily's Rating: 

At the beginning of this novel, I was thrilled. This book reminded me of the Phantom of the Opera, one of my most favorite of all stories. 

As I read about Lucy trying to find her way to where the mysterious music comes from, and to the voice that lures her in, my heart was beating, and I was anxious with anticipation for what or who she would find.  The search was frustratingly long though. I wish she would find him already! But then she finally did....

And there sits Chris, the mysterious boy with the beautiful voice sitting at the piano. But from the get go, I wasn't very fond of him. Besides the amazing voice and musical skill, there was really no substance to him that was attractive. Though Lucy describes the pull she has for him outside of the allure of his music, I couldn't really understand it. The guy is a complete jerk! Clingy, temperamental and incredibly selfish for the majority of this novel. The ending was predictable, but with a lot of relief from me towards Lucy.

Lucy was a very well developed character in this novel, though I ended this story not really connecting to Chris or other characters as well in this novel. I felt I didn't know them as well as I should have. And maybe that was the intent; to focus on Lucy's struggle with her family tragedy, and the growth of her self-confidence as she comes to terms and deals with her pain. 

I enjoyed Ms. Fry's style of writing, and would love to read more of her novels in the future. This novel was an enjoyable read, and would certainly recommend it to fans of YA fiction, and those that love the Phantom of the Opera story. That is what initially attracted me to the book in the first place, and the element that I enjoyed the most about this book. 

*I received a eBook copy of this book for free to review from the author; this in no way influenced my review, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.*

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Jennifer L. FryJennifer L. Fry is a writer, artist, and teacher in Marin County, California, where she lives with her wonderful husband, two adorable dogs, and orange tabby cat. Though she has been writing since she was young, A Part to Play is her first novel.

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