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Incredibly Fun Interview with Bonnie R. Paulson, Author of the Barely Alive Series

Welcome to our blog's final stop on the 'Barely Alive' tour. I am really excited about this post. Bonnie has been super fun to work with and this interview was A LOT OF FUN!

One of my favorite parts of being a blogger is meeting other great bloggers, readers and great authors. Bonnie is super funny, down to earth, and has a fantastic sense of humor. 

We have some serious questions, some fun questions, and some outright silly questions. And she kicked my ass on a zombie survival quiz. She will totally outlive me. Darn it....

Without further delay, let's get on with it!

Our Serious Interview

1. When did know that you wanted to be a writer and what do you love the most about it?

I’m not going to go with the normal answer of “I came out of the womb with a pencil in my hand and penned my first epic novel when I was 2”. Actually, I loved writing as a kid, but I always planned on being the first female president, a surgeon, and the proud girlfriend of Balthazar Getty (yeah, I loved Lord of the Flies with him… HOT!). Writing was just a fun way to make the voices in my head have a reason… lol. Just kidding… Kind of.

2. Why the zombie genre and what attracts you to it?

Oh my word! Zombies, odd right? ‘Cause my first zombie books were Hollowland by Amanda Hocking, then I followed up with Sundered by Shannon Mayer. I was like, okay, I get the whole “zombies are bad” thing, but what if they weren’t? Or at least not all of them. And then my whole science background took over and I created a virus in my head that I hope never comes true. Scary. And zombies! *shudder*. But Paul makes them hot, I think.  

(He totally does.)

3. Recently I learned that you are a mother of 5 children (!!!!) with another one of the way (Congratulations!!). How do you find the time to write??? 

Oh, girl! I have no idea. Lol. Right now, I’m rocking my 3 month old, watching The Big Bang Theory with my laptop on my lap while the rest of the house is sleeping. Yeah, I don’t sleep much. I’m wondering how reviewers do it! I can barely find time to read let alone report to the world what I liked or didn’t like. You have a crazy job!

4. Any future novels in the works that we can look forward to? 

Oh, you’re sweet, thanks! I have a couple in the works. I’m working on a new Mature YA contemporary romance series (no zombies, but plenty of action), the final book in my adult apocalyptic thriller series comes out in March. And Viral Intent (Dominic’s story comes out soon). Oh! And I have a contemporary western romance series starting this next year, too. Wow. I have a ton going on. What do you have in your sights this next year, Lily? Anything super exciting to look forward to?

Exciting? I'd love the opposite to be honest. This past year has been such a blur that what I am most looking forward to in 2013 is SLOWING it down a little bit. Put up my feet more, take more bubble baths, and just generally relax, all with a book in my hand! (grin)

5. As a reader, what is your favorite genre? Do you have a favorite author?

I have a few favorite genres. Um, I’m huge into old school YA horror – like Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine – I can’t help but pick up a few of those and feel the original edges of creepiness slip in. I’m a romance sucker – a few faves would have to be Rebecca Zanetti, Jude Devereaux (old school, again), Jennifer Blake, and I’d have to say my favorite, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss – just an aside, Ms. Woodiwiss revolutionized the romance genre from dime novels with the damsels in distress to the heroine who was gutsy and brave – one of her characters kidnaps the hero and falls in love with him. I believe that if she’d lived past the 80s, her career would have beat Nora Robert’s by a mile. My favorite book of hers is Ashes in the Wind – you got more than you were expecting with this question, right?

6. As best as you can recall, what has been the most memorable reader reaction to one of your novels?   

Oh, I had a guy reader (seems to be my demographic with this zombie series) contact me on Facebook and tell me how much he loved my books. It was the sweetest thing ever. He couldn’t stop talking about them. Made me glowy. So sweet!

7. Breaking into the writing world and getting noticed can be rough. What advice can you give aspiring authors? 

Keep trying. Keep writing. Don’t give up. And keep writing. Oh and keep writing.
Time for some fun!!

Alright! Enough with the seriousness. Bonnie, are you up for some fun?
Hey Girl, I am up for anything!!!!
Great! Let's start with a Fast Round!

1. What animal would you love to be and why? A Canadian Goose – they are loyal, stick with family, and have an innate ability to know when to guide another family member down with sickness or death. A goose is never left alone. They are like the Marines of the animal kingdom.

2. Favorite Color? Ooooohhh. Midnight blue. Can I have one more? Chocolate. I love colors that remind me of food.

3. Favorite drink next to you when you write? Hot apple cider. I’m a dork.
4. Last movie you went to see? Did you love it? Did you hate it? The second Sherlock Holmes. Loved it. Both actors are hot!

5. Do you listen to music when you write? No. When music plays I can’t help but dance. But I have four playlists that I dance to and create the plot and characters to – for Barely Alive. I have a new list for each book.

6. Last book you read and loved! Loved? Glistening Haven by Jill Cooper. I ditched dinner to read that thing. Holy cow, it was awesome.

7. You are a superhero! What power do you have? Mind reading. I’m like Edward! Except I have the power to read my husband’s, too. Lol that’s the most important one.

8. Bacon or Chocolate? HAHAHA! I actually make a bacon brownie. There are crumbled bacon bits in the brownies. So, I get both! Plus, that’s just cruel to ask me to choose. *pout* TRICK QUESTION Bonnie!! I am with you. I'm all for chocolate covered bacon anyday!!

9. What is your dream vacation? Honestly? I’m not going to say the beach – I hate the sand. I’m a mountain girl. A trailer packed with dirt bikes for each member of my family, food (oh, food) and camping with days and days filled with trail riding. Perfect!

On your ‘Barely Alive’ Series!

‘Barely Alive’ is being adapted for a TV series! WHOOHOOO Let’s do some casting! 
OH I LOVE THIS IDEA! Let’s pretend you tell the future.

a. Paul – Channing Tatum – he has the build and sarcasm of Paul. Plus, there’s something romantic about him that he can’t seem to escape.

There's something about him that I wouldn't want to escape!! Errr..... I mean..... Yes, good choice Bonnie.

b. Heather – I love Alexandria Daddario – suggested by my cover artist for Viral Intent.

c. Evil villain Dominic! I want Michael Biehn – he played Ringo in Tombstone in 1993 opposite Val Kilmer. Ahhh. Now he’s the baddest bad guy. 

Now check this pic out. Totally Dominic.  

We have a zombie apocalypse! Oh nooooos!! 
WOOHOO! Oh wait, right, oh no!  
Bonnie! Concentrate! Zombie apocalypses are NOT good!

1. Your weapon of choice? A flame thrower of some kind. I like fire.

2. What’s in your survival kit? A gun – I’m a revolver kind of girl, even with the kick. Knives, MREs, and some kind of bad smell to mask the scent of living flesh. I’d also have to pack a compass and maps. My survival kits have a bunch more like water and band aids, but the above are the most important. OH! And of course a book. Even a zombie apocalypse can get boring.

3. You are on the run! Who’s with you? My hubby and my 5 kids. I wouldn’t want to survive any kind of apocalypse without them.

I have always wondered if authors who write zombie novels would survive longer than me if the dead were shambling about. Let’s take a quiz! How many days do you think you would survive?
5! Honestly, I’m ruined now by Paul. I have all these romantic expectations now… my luck, my hubs or kids would get the virus. I’m just Shakespearean enough I would contract it myself to go the same way as them – like Nancy wanted to do in Barely Alive.

Now take the quiz! (Readers, take it too! It's super fun, and let me know what your scores are!)

How many days will you survive? OH MY HECK! That was the funnest thing ever! Thank you so much for having me do that. I loved it. I would live 402 days. Unfortunately, I chose to go back to look for family. Dang it. What was I thinking? :)
What was your score Lily? Maybe we could hang?
Ok, I guessed 30 days before the quiz. I'm an optimist that watches too many ninja movies. K, off I go!
.... 383 days. You kicked my ass! Lots of time to hang with you. And I am pretty sure I would want to.  You're obviously doing something right with a score like that.

Author Bio

Bonnie R. Paulson mixes her science and medical background with reality and possibilities to make even myths seem likely and give every romance the genetic strength to survive. Bonnie has discovered a dark and twisty turn in her writing that she hopes you enjoy as much as she has enjoyed uncovering it. Dirt biking with her family in the Northwest keeps her sane.

Find the Author:
Twitter: @bonnierpaulson 
Goodreads: Bonnie R. Paulson

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  1. Thank you so much Lily. This was a BLAST! And I think we could increase each others chances for survival! Either that or we could be wingman for each other when the right zombie shuffled by! : )


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