Saturday, March 2, 2013

A new feature for 2013 - Pimp my GR Friend!

Hi everyone! Lily here. 

Since starting this blog with Erin in April 2012, we have come a long way. And it sure opened up more doors than we ever imagined when it came to our love of reading. I have (virtually) met some wonderful authors, bloggers and fellow readers, read some great books, was introduced to the world of Netgalley and ARCs. 

I. Absolutely. Love. It.

2012 flew by in a flurry of reading activity, trying to keep up with my compulsive YES to almost every offer that sounded good. Finally, with immense remorse, I had to change my status to temporarily no longer being able to accept any more requests since I still have some really patient authors/publishers waiting for my reviews (and I am catching up, I PROMISE!)

2013 started with a New Year's resolution though. Easy on the reviews requests, and bring on the pleasure reading. I have books on my TBR list that I wanted to read so badly that are still sitting there. In fact, my TBR list on makes me cringe. 

As of today's date, there are 937 books on that list to read! 


So keeping that in mind I signed up for a March challenge through Kimba's blog. If you are in the same boat, it's not too late to join in I am sure!

But one month won't be enough. I need to hit a few titles off that list! But I wanted to make things a little fun. So I came up with ...

(Thanks Erin for the cool design!)

Why am I choosing the GR friend list?

Well, I have a healthy list of friends that are also bloggers on that I enjoy interacting with. For the most part, all of us share a high common ground of the same book tastes and share the same books on our To be Read lists. I also enjoy their blogs, so links to their blogs and a little bit about them will be featured on the post. 

How it will work.

1. Every month I will randomly choose a GR Friend.
2. Compare books.
3. Choose three titles we have in common that I have yet to read.
4. Post a bit about my GR friend, their blog, the book choices, and open it up for you to choose.
5. Post the winning choice, and start reading! A review will follow of course! :)

Since this was a bit of spur of the moment, and to avoid making this post any longer, I will publish my first Pimp my GR Friend post tomorrow and start the voting for the March pick. 

I am looking forward to this feature and interaction with all of you!

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