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New Release Review - The Obvious Game, by Rita Arens

Title: The Obvious Game
Author: Rita Arens
Publisher: Inkspell Publishing
Release Date: February 7, 2013
Source: Publisher
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Book Description:

“Everyone trusted me back then. Good old, dependable Diana. Which is why most people didn’t notice at first.”

"Your shirt is yellow."

"Your eyes are blue."

"You have to stop running away from your problems."

"You're too skinny."

Fifteen-year-old Diana Keller accidentally begins teaching The Obvious Game to new kid Jesse on his sixteenth birthday. As their relationship deepens, Diana avoids Jesse's past with her own secrets -- which she'll protect at any cost.

Praise for The Obvious Game:
“I couldn’t put down The Obvious Game. Arens perfectly captures the hunger, pain and uncertainty of adolescence.” -- Ann Napolitano, author of A GOOD HARD LOOK and WITHIN ARM'S REACH
"THE OBVIOUS GAME is a fearless, honest, and intense look into the psychology of anorexia. The characters—especially Diana--are so natural and emotionally authentic that you’ll find yourself yelling at the page even as you’re compelled to turn it." -- Coert Voorhees, author of LUCKY FOOLS and THE BROTHERS TORRES
"Let’s be clear about one thing: there’s nothing obvious about The Obvious Game. Arens has written a moving, sometimes heart-breaking story about one girl’s attempt to control the uncontrollable. You can’t help but relate to Diana and her struggles as you delve into this gem of a novel." -- Risa Green, author of THE SECRET SOCIETY OF THE PINK CRYSTAL BALL

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A hard to put down, coming of age story about a young girl that struggles with her self image and self esteem.  Feeling as if most of her life is spinning out of control, Diana latches on to the one thing that she CAN control - eating. 

This was an insightful story into the mind and emotions of a young girl coping with some difficult circumstances. Her warped perception of her body was saddening. Her anger and need to push everyone away during her most depressed moments was heartbreaking. I found myself hoping that she would see herself differently through Jesse's eyes, who cared so much for her. Or that she would change her perceptions because of her mother's illness.  But some battles simply can not be fought on your own.

A really well written novel filled with very realistic situations and emotions. Heartbreaking in one moment, funny and joyful the next, it is a rollercoaster of a novel with a powerful message.

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About The Author:

Rita Arens is the author of The Obvious Game and the editor of the award-winning parenting anthology Sleep Is for the Weak. She writes the popular blog Surrender, Dorothy ( and lives in Kansas City with her husband and daughter. The Obvious Game is her first young adult novel. She is at work on a second.

Rita has been a featured speaker at BlogHer 2012, BEA Bloggers Conference 2012, BlogHer Writers 2011, BlogHer 2011, Blissdom 2011, Alt Summit 2010,  BlogHer 2010, BlogHer 2008 and BlogHer 2009, the 2008 Kansas City Literary Festival and 2009 Chicks Who Click and appeared on the Walt Bodine Show in 2008.

She’s been quoted by Bloomberg Businessweek, The Associated Press, Forbes Woman, the Wall Street Journal, Businessweek and Businessweek Online and featured in Breathe magazine, Get Your Biz Savvy, The Kansas City Star (archived material available on request), Today Moms (Today Show blog) and Ink KC.


  1. Wow, this sounds intense and a little heart-breaking. Eating disorders are scary and I am glad to hear this was well done.

    1. Really well written and intriguing YA novel. Definitely not a disappointment!

  2. I read this book and absolutely loved it! I've yet to post my own review (I'm so far behind), but it is great!

    1. Thank you for stopping in and commenting, Lisa! :)
      I know the feeling. I have quite a few reviews to write myself. Really enjoyed this story. Very emotional!



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