Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pimp my GR Friend - April Picks!

Welcome to this month's edition of Pimp my GR Friends, where I showcase a random friend from, pick three books in common, and ask you guys to help me choose which book I should read by voting in the poll below.

I am smack in the middle of March's pick, 'Grave Mercy', by R.L. LaFevers, and I am just loving it! I will be posting a review for it at the end of the month. So stay tuned! 

Meet my GR Friends!

This month, it's a double friend feature, since these two hilarious ladies co-write for their awesome blog, Two Fantasy Floozies.  They are also really awesome authors, so click those author links at the end of the post and check out their novels.

Kenya Wright & Alicia Wright Brewster @ 'Two Fantasy Floozies"!! 

I love stalking their blog and they always make me laugh. Here are three posts that I enjoyed recently

Alicia's Review of 'Parallel'

 'February Book Battle'

Kenya's 'Tips from Baba'

 Let's get to the poll. I chose three books. One, all three of us have in common. Then I chose one from Alicia's list, and one from Kenya's. Click on the covers for the book description.

Here are the picks!

Vote below! Poll closes March 31 @ 2359 hrs. 
AND, Kenya took some time to answer some questions for me too, so don't go yet! :)

 A Little Q&A with Kenya!

If you were to choose the most memorable novel from your favorites list what would it be and why?
Master of Crows is one of my most memorable novels. It's romantic, high fantasy, lots of magic, some sex, etc. I can go on and on and on!

This is the link to my review:

What is your favorite genre to read?
Man. This question is so so so not fair. It's like saying who is your favorite child. lol. I'm a big fantasy writer and reader, but lately I've been branching out and reading contemporary erotic romance. I've become addicted with the drama filled troupe of billionaire alpha-innocent woman. However, my true favorite genre will always be fantasy romance with a sex scene toward the end. You can't forget the sex scene!

Your favorite reading atmosphere? 
In my lounge chair at home with a glass of wine. You can't forget the glass of Pinot Noir. All in my family know this.

What do you love most about your blog or blogging?
I love discovering new books and building relationships with cool authors that love to break the literature mold. I've found that blogging has become more significant than other things in life and I love it.

My deep thanks to both Kenya and Alicia for being part of this feature. Definitely check out their amazing blog.  You can also connect with them through the following links:

Thank you all for visiting, and please don't forget to vote! I am really looking forward to seeing which book wins!


  1. Oooh I love the Pimp My GR Friends idea! :D I voted for Angelfall - it sounds awesome :D

    "(Cross-posted to your latest post)
    Thank you for your comment <3 I'll try to do the tour post sometime next week :D And talk a bit more about my routine and such.

    And IT'S SO AMAZING OH MY GOD PLEASE READ IT :D I'm almost finished Pandemonium and it's just as good as book one. I know how you feel, though. So many amazing books, so little time!


  2. Hi Stef! So happy to see you came by to check us out. Glad you like the GR friends idea. I think it's pretty cool and gets me reading from my TBR list instead of adding :)

    I have to make some time to read Pandemonium soon!


  3. Thank you so much for the feature, Lily. I'm sorry I was such a slacker with respect to responding to you. But the post is great despite my slackerism!

    1. Hi Alicia! Thanks for dropping in. Had lots of fun putting it together. :) was hard picking books in common. So many good ones!


  4. Hello! Great blog! I really enjoyed dropping by. I´m definitely following it now. =D
    Here´s my blog in case you want to follow back:

    Happy Reading!


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