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Review of Escape from Eternity, by Nate Scholze

Title: Escape from Eternity
Author: Nate Scholze
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Release Date: May 31, 2012
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Book Description:

In the tiny Door County village of Ephraim, Wisconsin, Laura Whitmore is sought out by an Englishman who says he needs her to identify someone she has never met but who must be found to save our world.

Confused and baffled, Laura wonders if this man, calling himself Adrian, might be hiding something sinister when he reveals the person he is seeking has made astonishing modifications to Earth's early inhabitants. He may have even changed the past.

Laura seeks asylum from this unnerving information, but Adrian pursues her and begins to explain what everyone has always wondered. What is the purpose of life on Earth? Laura finds she must make an ill-fated decision that will lead to the untimely death of a close friend, and in the end she must accept a destiny that will result in her escape from eternity.

I am pretty selective with science fiction. Though the book cover left a bit to be desired, when I read the book description, I was extremely curious and excited. My excitement continued when I began reading this novel. It had a definite 'Men in Black' storyline feel in the very beginning. Aliens? Bring on the aliens! I love aliens!

 In London, England, William Nolan investigates a mysterious object that initially both him and his wife believe to be a meteor. But when Will touches the object, something happens. And when he returns home to his excited wife, Katherine, who is waiting to hear the details, he is no longer the same man.

Fast forward a couple of days, and we meet 21 year old Laura Whitmore in Ephraim, Winsconsin. At first she is a very interesting character, suffering from very strange dreams, seems to be very independent and determined and a no-nonsense type of gal. (I like her.... for now....). When a mysterious Englishman that calls himself Adrian arrives and pursues her, things start to get even stranger. 

I am still excited at this point and read on...

But something happened in this novel..... Laura slowly becomes this annoying, almost pathetic simpering fool that can't seem to deal with anything that happens. Most of her interactions with other characters begin to border on hysteria. And throughout it all, Adrian relentlessly pursues her with riddle upon riddle, that even I the reader is getting exasperated with... SPIT IT OUT ALREADY, Adrian! What the hell do you want to say? 

At 60% in, I had to take a break. My eyes hurt from all the rolling I was doing as every conversation these characters had irked me. I was irritated. 

After reading another 20 novels (not exaggerating here), and walking by this book that was sitting on my dining room table, day after day, I decided I either had to DNF it, or give it another go. Ignoring that voice in the back of my head not to bother, I picked it up again. 

Admittedly, a break for a couple of months did the trick. The remainder of this novel flowed a lot better for me. Laura got her head together in my view in the later part of the book, resembling the determined woman I thought her to be in the beginning. Adrian finally starts to spit out what all the ruckus is all about, and his reasons for being on Earth finally start to make sense. The pieces are starting to fall into place and fit. And this story started to make more sense, and was entertaining again. Though I have to say, the ending didn't give me the clear answers that I wanted, and quite a lot left to reader interpretation and imagination. 

The idea of this novel was very interesting to me, and a pretty cool concept. It wasn't executed very well to my liking, unfortunately, but I didn't hate this book either. It grabbed my attention in the beginning but failed to keep its hold on me for long. However, I did end up choosing to return to it and glad that I finished the novel.

About the author:

Mr. Scholze is a quiet family man who lives with his wife of thirty-one years and a rowdy, red

toy poodle named Bentley in a small town in western Wisconsin.


  1. I'm in a serious sci-fi drought right now with books, so when I saw the cover for this one...I was like, yay, aliens! Sucks that the characters were so lackluster that they ruined the story for you. Guess I'll be passing on this book. You have any recommendations for A+ sci-fi reads?

    1. I am honestly really selective with Sci-Fi. The blurbs have to really grab me such as this one did. I read a series once that I really loved called "Star of the Guardians" by Margaret Weis (older series) and of course all the Ender Saga series by Orson Scott Card. I LOVED them. Haven't finished all the books and spin off stories but I really want to. I noticed that you have 'Ender's Game' in your TBR. Grab it from the library if you have to and give it a go soon!

      As to new Science Fiction, I recently read 'Outsystem' by Michael Cooper which I reviewed for a tour, and I actually liked it because the female protagonist was completely bad ass and she kicked some serious butt!




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