Monday, April 1, 2013

Kiddie Korner : Featuring Eric B. Thomasma

Happy Easter (and Spring) to all of you!  I don't know about all of you but I am SO HAPPY SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!!  We hope the Easter bunny brought you lots of chocolate, and you had a great time with your loved ones!

Today we will be featuring four children's books by author Eric B. Thomasma.  

I really enjoyed these books.  I think they are meant more for younger children.  I would recommend these books for a before the bed rocking chair read, or for a grade 1 circle time read.  This would also work for grade 2 and 3 students to read on their own.  They are entertaining and educational at the same time.  I recommend purchasing these for your children!

One of the only criticism I have about these books are the illustrations are not the most eye catching or interesting.  Now to be fair I am reading them on a Kindle so probably not getting the best view of them.

I will briefly give a review on each of the books below:

Billy's Family

This book is about a little boy named Billy.  Billy wished he had a bigger family.  He learns all about his family during a trip to his great-grandpa's.   It teaches a lot about the family tree and how you relate to your extended family.  A well told story for young children.  The only very small criticism I have is that it is a little wordy.

Sam and the Dragon

This book is about Sam and his family who leave with the town at winter because it is too cold.  Sam decides to hide and stay back one winter to find out what the big deal was about leaving. In this cute short adventure Sam discovers something that will change their lives forever.    This one is my favourite out of all of Eric B. Thomasma's books.  A great little read for the child with a big imagination!   A must buy!

Yeti in the Freezer

This book is about a sister and brother who discover a Yeti living in their new fridge's ice maker.  An imaginative story that will have your child  wanting more.  It's a cute tale that promotes imaginative thinking and even teaches manners.  I will certainly be reading this one to my little boy!

The Wizards of the Body Shop


This book is all about cars.  This would be suitable for the child who has a big interest in cars!  It puts an imaginative twist on going to the mechanic.  I was very impressed while reading this book.  It is informative, but not in the least bit boring!

So as you can see I really enjoyed reading these books.  Four smiley's all around is a great rating!  I highly recommend getting these books for your little BOOKLUVRS!

That's all for this Kiddie Korner post!  Thanks for joining me!!

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