Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pimp my GR Friend - May Picks!

Welcome to our monthly feature of Pimp my GR Friends, where I showcase a random friend from, pick three books in common, and ask you guys to help me choose which book I should read by voting in the poll below. 

You guys sure made it tough on my last month with a tie, but I got through both 'The Immortal Rules' and just finished 'Angelfall'. Reviews will be up soon so stay tuned for that.

Below are the picks for May. Take a look and give me a vote. Once you do, keep on reading to meet the GR friend that I share these with.  

Here are the Picks!!  
(you can click on the book covers to read the description on GR)

 Hmmmm... a little theme here? Ya I am dying for some zombies, and some good action. I have wanted to make time for each and every single one of these books this past year. Help me choose by voting below. Poll closes April 28th at 2359 hours.
Meet my GR Friend!

This month I randomly chose Elizabeth, who is also a blogger at Stuffed Shelves

I have been stalking her blog for about a year now and enjoying her posts.   She's a momma, loves her chocolate, and I have learned from her blog that she sure loves to knit!  In fact, her love for it even made me want to learn and I went out a bought a beginner's book that she recommended. Hey... we all need some sort of calming hobby. I am willing to give anything a try to find some zen

Here are a couple of posts that I enjoyed over at her blog.

Famous Ghosts: True Encounters with World Beyond 

Who doesn't like a good ghost story? I definitely don't pass those up!!

Elizabeth's Review of 'Tickle Me'
Elizabeth's Review of 'The Silver Sphere'
Her review got me to add this one to my list!

We both joined GR around the same time & definitely have lots of books in common. It was REALLY hard to just choose three.

A Little Q&A with Elizabeth!
Isn't she super pretty??
If you were to choose the most memorable novel from your favorites list what would it be and why?

Christopher Moore's books all came to mind when I read this question. His books are so witty and amazing, they are the most memorable books I've read so far. His humor in all his books are so brilliant and hilarious, I am always quoting Moore.

What is your favorite genre to read?

I love supernatural, and anything with a good humorous author. There aren't many books I won't read, and won't find something positive about the author and the book.

Your favorite reading atmosphere?

Anywhere. In order of favoritism:
1. Curled up on the couch with wine, chocolate and a crackling fire.
2. In the tub (very carefully)
3. On the road. Nothings better than finishing a good book before you reach your destination while on a road trip.
4. Office waiting rooms. Your usually so bored, you can really get sucked into the book. The only downside is if the cover of the book (assuming your reading a written copy and not on a e-reader) is too raunchy or embarrassing. Good thing for my handmade knit book covers.

What do you love most about your blog or blogging?

Communicating and chatting about books with other book lovers. I love meeting new people. I can talk for days about books, especially with those who have read the same books as me. I love books so much, I do a book report on every book I read. I've been doing this since I was ten years old. Book blogging is just like my online book report collection.

My deep thanks to Elizabeth for being part of this feature. Definitely check out her blogYou can also connect with her through the following links:

Thank you all for visiting, and please don't forget to vote! I am really looking forward to seeing which book wins!



  1. Thanks so much for having me on here Lily! You totally rock! If I ever do something like this you will be my number one pick! <3


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