Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Release Review - Devil in the Delta, by Rich Newman

Title: Devil in the Delta
Author: Rich Newman
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Release Date: May 8th 2013
Source: Netgalley/Publisher
Purchase: Amazon/The Book Depository

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A television that shoots fire. Objects flying through the air. A demonic possession. A ghost hunter's worst nightmare.

When author Rich Newman first arrives at the battered doublewide trailer deep in the Mississippi Delta, it's clear that this is no ordinary haunting. Called from Memphis to assist a local ghost hunting team, Newman's investigation of the Martin house has become his most terrifying and mysterious case to date.

What starts out as a malicious assault quickly spirals into a story of obsession, possession, witchcraft, and murder. When the evidence becomes overwhelming, long-buried memories from Newman's past come back to haunt him--memories he'd rather forget. Collecting physical evidence, researching the violent history of the property, and interviewing the world's most famous demonologists, Newman's investigation of the Martin house plunges him into the darkest depths of the unknown.

As someone that not only is utterly fascinated with the paranormal, but also pretty creeped out by it, requesting ‘Devil in the Delta’ to read from Netgalley was a no brainer.  Before the slew of paranormal tv shows filled up my PVR box time, I was picking up every ghost hunting book I could get my hands on.

At one point in time, I even considered a friend’s invitation to join his paranormal research and investigation group here in Toronto, but I have to admit that I am too much of a chicken shit to face any potential activity face to face.  I already find myself shivering under the covers almost every time I watch an episode of Ghost Adventures.

This novel was very interesting, and reads more like a ghost hunter’s ‘How To’ or more accurately, “What We Do”. Written by a member of Paranormal Inc., he not only accounts one of his most unforgettable cases, but also the events that led to his fascination with obtaining evidence of life after death – his own experiences in his childhood home.  You get some snippets of other memorable investigations, but this book centers around the Martin Residence primarily.

The novel itself, though detailing true accounts of evidence, experiences and interviews of this case, is not really that scary.  I got the distinct impression that it wasn’t his intent to scare his audience either, but more to educate the reader on the realities of paranormal investigation. 

I admit that I was hopeful for some hair-raising moments when I started reading this novel, and was a tad disappointed that I didn’t get what I hoped for. In fact, immediately after ending this book, I watched an episode of Ghost Adventures to get that thrill.

That being said, do not dismiss this novel because it may not have given me the creeps.  If you are interested or fascinated by the paranormal, this book was still very entertaining and raised some very good questions and gives you very good information.  As well as a good insight into what investigating the paranormal is all about. Mainly, a whole lot of boredom, with the rare burst of adrenaline when you do encounter something that may not be easily explained.

It is, and has always been, a very fascinating field for me, and I am sure a lot of people.  The author ends this book with links to his website (Paranormal Inc.) with promises of links to the EVPs that he discusses in the book, as well as links to other cases his group has worked on.  I guarantee you that I will be spending a couple of afternoons scaring myself with goodies off his site.

I say afternoon, because I really am a little chicken shit.  I won’t be doing that at night. LOL



  1. I love the cover. When I saw ghost and Mississippi Delta, I thought this might be right up my alley. Then, I read your review. I was thinking along the same lines as you. But, It also makes me think of some true stories I have read of murderers and serial killers. They are not always running away with action and excitment, but well worth reading. Thanks for the great review.

  2. This sounds interesting, although the cover made me think i would be in for a good scare. I love paranormal woo-woo too! Thanks for sharing this!


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