Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer is finally here!

FINALLY!! We waive goodbye to the harsh Canadian winter, and I wish it good riddance!

I just LOVE the warm air, fishing trips, beach picnics...

And finding new outdoor reading spots!

I lived in my current neighborhood for an entire year before finding this gorgeous ravine path that was kind of hidden in the maze of streets surrounding mine. Once I found it, I couldn't resist walking through it almost every day after work with my Kindle in hand.

And of course one of my favorite reading spots, with a conveniently placed bench:

This year I explored the nearby beach a little more, thanks to the hubby who has re-discovered a passion for fishing and dragged me out a couple of afternoons while he practiced his casting on a new reel.  So I have another gorgeous spot to bring my Kindle to, on a warm sunny day. 

 And I didn't wait a single second. The first warm day, I was sitting on the sand, relaxing with a good book.

My 2013 Reading Spot. Nothing like the beach.

What is your favorite reading spot?


  1. Sitting down by the dock listening to the waves lapping against the shore.....

  2. Gorgeous reading spots, Lily. I agree, so great to see (and feel) the sun. I'm not in Canada, but close enough to see Vancouver Island. Summer is finally getting started . . . at the end of June!

    I like to read on the porch. We're renting on 4 acres, can't see a single neighbor. Bliss! I've tried the beach, but I get too distracted staring off at the beautiful scenery. ;)

    1. Sounds like you have a little piece of heaven of your very own!


  3. I live in Arizona so I have the opposite problem. 3 months of horribly hot weather. Can't do anything outside, even in the morning hours. It hit 120 on Friday this week. Ugh!


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