Sunday, September 8, 2013

From Page to Reel - Twilight

I introduced this new meme a few days ago and am so excited to get it started!

I apologize in advance if this post offends anyone as that is not the intention.  

Today we are looking at one of the most popular, most discussed page to reel adaptations to this day....

I have some very strong opinions on this one!  I hope you are ready for some flying emotions and perhaps a little profanity....

I started reading this book after the movie came out and became all that people talked about.  I decided I would read the book to see what I thought of it before seeing the movie.  Movies generally don't do a book justice.  

I have to admit, I was skeptical about it at first.  I wasn't sure I would like it, after all I have never read anything about vampires and werewolves before.  I am glad that I read the book first!  I did like the book.  It was an easy read, continuously had me captured in the story, and the drama never died down.  

The major complaint I have about the book is that the extreme punch-you-in-the-face romance made me roll my eyes.  There's only so many times one can handle hearing about how perfect Edward's face and body are, and how captivating his cold breath is before you wish you could grab Bella by the shoulders and shake her....hard.  I mean....come on really?  He kisses her and she falls faint?  That's just too much!

I finished the book thinking "I can handle this series"........

The movie....hmmmm...what to say about the movie?

I think that about sums it up.

Movie's never truly follow a book.  There are always some differences.  And that's the first thing book lovers think about when watching a movie that once was a beloved book.  I know I am constantly comparing the two stories.  There are always things that are left out of movies or turned around completely.  This movie was no different.  There were quite a few differences between the two.

Though that is always something that bothers me deep down inside, it doesn't ruin a series for me.  Its just something I always think about.  What ruins a beloved book for me is when the producers cast the wrong person in a role.  I couldn't handle watching the movie.  They had to pick the most annoying female actress to play Bella.  I thought she lacked character, emotion and I sort of felt like I was watching a wooden puppet perform.  Just was not the right pick for Bella at my opinion.  

It's too bad because all of the other characters were casted well....

Especially.... goodness he's pleasant to look at.

Anyways...unfortunately Bella totally ruined the rest of the series for me.  All I could see (when I was reading the little bit of the second book I could) was Kristen and all I could hear was her monotone voice.  I just couldn't continue it.

One of those times a movie totally ruins a beloved book.  Though I can say reading the first book did make me open to trying out other YA vampire books.  I found a new genre that I really enjoy reading, and have found some of the books on my 5-star shelf because of this book.  (I just can't see the name Bella in them)

I know there are a LOT of different opinions on this.  

What do you think of the Twilight page to reel adaptation??

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