Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Coming up in October!

Wow, do I have an awesome month in store for you Zombie and Apocalyptic fans.

Following in last year's footsteps, I chose to devote October to all things creepy and blood thirsty, focusing on some of my favorite things to read about - Zombies, nasty Viruses and Alien invasions. The whole idea of this threesome leaves me shaking in my boots and gives me nightmares in the dead of night.

I know some of you were probably expecting a Random Read choice today, but I have actually chosen not to take part in the Random Reads Meme for this month only. That is because every novel that I am reviewing was chosen from my pending Netgalley list and my Goodreads.com list. So I am putting a serious ding in my TBR this month, and have had an awesome time doing it by reading all these scary novels.

Check out the Random Reads Meme anyways, because there are lots of awesome bloggers that participate every month, or join in the fun yourself!

Preview for October!

Zombie Mondays

How awesome is this banner? Erin is one artistic co-blogger. Every Monday this month will feature a book review for some chosen zombie reads that I have been anticipating such as Rot & Ruin and Zombie Incorporated.


On Thursdays, starting on the 10th, books featured will include White Horse and Viral Nation, because I just had to fit some scary viruses and aliens into the mix! (Sorry, no fancy banner. I can only abuse Erin so much.)


I am also really excited about two posts for one of our newest features! 

New Meme!!!!!

Not one, but two! I have been waiting for the right month to post on 'The Woman in Black', and just recently I finally watched 'World War Z' and I don't want to put that one off while it is still fresh in my scared little brain! 



I am!  


  1. Love your idea for a theme month! I might have to try that sometime myself!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. I do themes often, and it helps to nail down some pending books in a specific genre! But I especially love October where I fill up on my favorites!!



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