Sunday, December 1, 2013

Random Reads - December Pick!

Random Reads is hosted by I'm Loving Books, and for a reader that has a list that is way too long, this meme is perfect. It helps me to pick out a novel in the list that may be sitting there forgotten for a long while.

This meme is pretty simple. The idea is to pick one random book (or more if you are ambitious) out of your Goodreads To-Read list (or any other list you maintain using to read within the month.
My November Random Read was Deal with a Demon, by Celeste Easton. I actually didn't finish it in November. I was a day late. A lot of personal changes happened this past month, and I didn't have as much reading time as I would have liked, but I got it in for December 1st. You can read the review here.  It was intensely hot, and I really enjoyed it!

This month I did something a little different. Even though I have over a thousand books on my To read list, I only submitted 1-500 in the Random # generator, because I would like to hit the earlier books. And what is in store for me for December?

In the Window Room is a story about a young girl, Delany Calbefur, who's caused some trouble one fall, while she attended the Mayfield School for Girls. And she, as a punishment then, is made to leave the dormitory, and is forced to stay by herself in an old abandoned home on the outskirts of the school grounds. This story is about the dangerous and mysterious adventures she found there.

There are many... very secret, mysterious places in our world. Yet some of which, that hold no other foreseeable worth except that they are hidden, and those, by my judgement, should remain as such. However, there are certain other places, which if one can find them, that are both mysterious and immeasurably valuable. And it is of this latter kind that our story is concerned.

More specifically, the room that Delany Calbefur found, hidden away in the undiscovered corner of an old house, one fall while she attended the Mayfield School for Girls, and the story of her adventures there is a tale that well deserves retelling. And so, within the pages of this book, I shall try my best at it.

 I have to be honest. I am not sure if I am looking forward to this one. I won a copy on for a giveaway, and the blurb sounds interesting. But Erin (co-blogger) read this sometime ago, and she did not enjoy it at all. At least it's a short novel!

If you are participating in the meme, definitely leave your link and November Pick in the comments.

Happy reading everyone!


  1. I like your idea of choosing from your earlier picks. Hope this book is better than you expect it to be! I actually never managed to read my November Random Read - yikes! Actually, I started it, but didn't get very far before other books got in the way. :-) Hoping to finish it this week and then pick my December Random Read.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. I went looking for your pick for the month, and didn't see it. I figured you were probably in the same boat as me. LOL November just flew by!!

  2. I hope you end up liking it anyways, it does sound interesting.

  3. Oh yeah and I've been tempted to do the method of only going up to a certain number in order to get earlier picks as well. I really like that idea. I might have to try that next month and even mention it on the meme post because it's a great idea to only get books that have been on the shelf for awhile.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I hope I do end up enjoying it. It's a really short book, so at least it should be a quick read. I guess we will have to wait and see :)

      I decided to change up the method because my to read list is over a 1000 books now... I know... isn't that insane? It seemed like even randomly, books that were added later on were getting picked, and the reason why I really liked the idea of this meme is that I could finally pick up a book that had been sitting on my list, slowly being forgotten. So for this month I thought 'Why not?' :)

      Hope you enjoy your December read!!



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