Thursday, March 20, 2014

Carina Press Book Blitz - Guest Post and Giveaway!

Since this 'New Adult' genre label grabbed my attention, I have been on an awesome ride filled with wonderful stories filled with memorable characters.

Carina Press is spotlighting 4 of their New Adult novels and authors.  I wanted to share one that I am excited about!

Title: Redemption
 Series:  Defiance #2
Author: Stephanie Tyler
Release Date: Nov 18, 2013
Publisher: Carina Press 

Matthias Robichaud is looking for an alliance. The Defiance motorcycle club is a stronghold in the dangerous world that’s become the new norm and he’s driven to prove he’s tough enough to be sworn in as a full member. But when he sees a beautiful, spirited girl abducted by a rival MC, rescuing her jeopardizes all he’s worked for.

Politician’s daughter Jessa Everson knows what’s expected of her—obedience, loyalty and silence—but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t fight when she’s kidnapped by the Lords of Vengeance. Having Matthias save her is like gaining an avenging angel in leather and tattoos. But Defiance is known for brutal justice, and she may have just traded one bad situation for another.

Matthias’s urge to protect is too strong to ignore, no matter how much trouble Jessa brings to Defiance’s gates. There’s no room in the post-Chaos world for weakness so if Matthias and Jessa have any chance of surviving, they’ll need to put their full strength behind the MC…and hope that the MC will do the same for them.

I promptly added the first in the series to my ever growing list. Have a soft spot for tattoos and motorcycles... what can I say? I am definitely looking forward to getting lost in Stephanie Tyler's novels.

So why does Ms. Tyler love writing New Adult? Read on to find out!

Why I write New Adult by Stephanie Tyler

I love writing New Adult because I love the age group New Adult encompasses (approximately 18 to 25 years old) and for me, looking back, those were some of the most fun times in so many ways. You’re on your own, you’re making mistakes and getting in trouble and falling in love…there are so many possibilities open to you.  So many choices. 

Did I mention the falling in love thing? Everything about that time is so heightened—there’s a sexual edge to a relationship that makes it different and confusing and complicated and wonderful.  So New Adult isn’t just for readers who are between those ages—I think anyone of any age can enjoy these types of books.  It’s a reminder of fun times, for some, a realization of how far we’ve come.  And a reminder that sometimes being a little crazy and out of control is still a good thing. 

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