Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What is up with Bookluvrs Haven?

Hey there fellow readers! Lily here...

It's been a little slow around Bookluvrs Haven, and it's not because the reading has stopped. In fact, I have been getting through books pretty quickly this year.

There have been some personal changes though that have contributed to less time to write and post.

Late last year, my honey and I purchased our first home.  We moved out of the city, and bought out in the country.  Being lovers of the outdoors, fresh air and fishing, we are really excited for Spring to finally decide to roll around. Living in between two major lakes is definitely a plus for us!

The commute to work, though, has increased dramatically and I find myself on the road a few hours each day.

If it wasn't for Audiobooks I would be SOOOO bored driving so long. I am averaging 2 to 3 a week! (Thank you local library for the awesome selection online!!)

Unfortunately, the long commute has been a huge factor in not having much energy or writing time during the week, when I usually hunkered down to set up posts.

I started my courses up again in January and my weekend is tied up. That being said, I have gotten through some pretty awesome, and some not so awesome books already in 2014. 

I have a lot of catching up to do!  Stay tuned for these upcoming reviews and more:

 Our 2nd Blogoversary is coming up April 2!!! 

Can't believe it's already been that long since Erin and I started this blog. There has been a lot of discussion on some awesome giveaways in April.

I enjoy taking up reading challenges and this year is no different.  For 2014 I decided to choose the below challenge as one of my goals is to get my Netgally reading list current. You can check out my reading list for this challenge in our 2014 Challenge Page.


If you are as ridiculous as me, join up at Falling for YA.

Random Reads feature will continue every month. It is by far one of my most favorite memes, hosted by I'm Loving Books, and one I will not be giving up any time soon!! I know that I am late posting my February review, but will be doing so this week, as well as my Random Read feature novel for March.

If I am going to be honest, I have also been on a writing rut.

 I am sure quite a few bloggers go through this... I became a bit disillusioned, or maybe even stuck in the review, blog tour post rut. I did not have a lot of time to be creative and personal, and I would like to change that this year. 

Thank you for sticking with our Blog, and we will have lots of new content coming up soon.

Happy Reading everyone!

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