Monday, May 29, 2017

Legally Yours, by Nicole French

Skylar Ellen Crosby is a typical redhead: blunt, passionate, with a bit of a temper. Okay, so maybe she's a little neurotic too. At the end of her third year at Harvard Law, all Skylar wants is to figure out her next steps: ones that will hopefully include a job, an apartment, and enough money to help her father stop getting into trouble. She simply has no room for romance, especially the kind that might break your heart. But on a dark, snowy night, when she's stranded in the living room of the notorious CEO of Sterling Ventures and one of the best attorneys in Boston, her carefully constructed boundaries are about to be knocked down.

Brandon Sterling never believed in fate. A man of his own making, he firmly credits his successes to hard work. How else could you explain his rise from the poorest of backgrounds in South Boston to becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Boston? Living in luxury in his big house on Beacon Street, it never mattered to him that increasing success meant increased isolation. After all, when you have everything, everyone else always wants something. But when he comes home to find a gorgeous redhead sitting on his windowsill, the idea of love at first sight suddenly seems like the most plausible thing in the world...if only the one person he wants to give his heart to would actually take it.

Together, Skylar and Brandon have the kind of passion few hope to find, but things keep getting in their way. Between school, business, her father's gambling troubles and Brandon's history of personal struggle, will their complicated lives prevent them from making it work together? Or, as they both suspect somewhere deep down, have they finally met their match in each other's stubborn hearts?

One word.  SEXY!  This book is so damn sexy!  I knew when I read the synopsis that it would be a steamy book, but I didn't realize until I started to read the book just how unbelievably sexy it was.  We're talking heart thumping, pulse racing, I'm going to bed early kind of sexy!  This was just one of the reasons why I really enjoyed reading this book.

French nailed the character development, the emotional connection felt with the two main characters was intense.  You got to know Skylar and Brandon bit by bit throughout the entire book.  I found that slowly unraveling the characters drew me in and completely captivated me.  I had a really hard time putting it down when I started to read.

My favourite character is Skylar, without a doubt!  I love that French made her such a strong, independent woman.  She doesn't take shit from anyone!  I loved that she made it very clear to Brandon from the beginning that she works hard for everything she has and doesn't need a man to take care of her.

I loved the humour in this book as well.  There were lines that literally had me laughing out loud. 

I gave this book...

I can't wait to read the next book in this series!!!

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