Friday, May 26, 2017

Let's Chat - Bookish Gifts Part II

It goes without saying that the best gift you can give a book lover simply is... a book!! But I sure know, as a book lover myself, that even though there is no such thing as too many books, the thoughtful gesture of someone finding me something different and special that is book related, does give my heart a twitch of happiness.

Last year, I had a great time preparing a similar post about booking gifts - Let's Chat - Bookish Gifts. - but there are so many great ideas out there that I definitely found many other favorite items to showcase here. If you are looking for a gift for a fellow book lover, or a little something to gift yourself, here are some of my favorite ideas for creating the perfect reading corner for yourself or that special someone.

If you want to check the items more closely, click on the captions and you will be taken to their respective pages.

The Literary Collection Loose Leaf Tea - Etsy

This gift is so fitting for all the Bookluvrs Haven ladies, and it should be a hit with any tea loving book lover in your life. So cozy for the fall time especially, where that warm steaming mug of tea and a warm soft blanket just takes you to the next level in your reading time.  And for those warm days? Make it ice tea! The packaging on these tea bags is what makes this gift so special and different. 

Book lover mug - Etsy

And where to steep that tea you ask? There are no shortage of bookish mugs out there. I have found quite a few different ones at our local book chain stores. But I love this one, because I am that kind of cheeky person, and I have stated this a few times to my dear husband, who chooses all the wrong times to want to talk.

Turquoise throw pillows - Etsy

If you have a special spot where you like to sit and read, this beautiful turquoise pillow certainly is an eye catcher. This would be a gorgeous addition to your special space, a great resting place for that tired elbow from holding up that tablet, kindle or real book!

Vintage Writer’s Feather Quill Fleece Blanket -

If you want to take your book reading nerd-dom to a whole new level, go all the way with a book related fleece blanket! This one from is more my style, with its subtle design and neutral colors. But there are tons of these blankets out there!! Who knew?!


If You Can Read this Please Bring me a Book- Funny socks - Etsy

Easily my favorite of the bunch!! Need to put these on a wish list or something. I would LOOOOOOVE to get a pair of these. 

New York Photography - Etsy

There are some really beautiful prints and photographs of book related places, such as this gorgeous print of a New York corner book store. Put it in a nice frame, and you have another fitting addition to your little reading niche at home.

Off To The Library! Tote Bag - Etsy

Last but not least, something to help you carry those books home from the library.  Now that is a cute tote bag to put in all of your library books in! My only problem would be if it is large enough to accommodate the number of books I usually check out. LOL


There are no shortage of interesting items out there, and only when setting up these posts did I actually realize how much. My wish lists are certainly growing with some of these thoughtful gifts that reflect the love of books.

I hope that I have helped inspire you for your own reading space, or give you some ideas for great gifts for your other book loving friends.

Happy Reading! (And shopping)

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  1. I have to agree with you about those socks---they are absolutely adorable, and I think I need a pair!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Do you remember what Etsy shop you found them in?

    2. Hi Nicole! Sorry for the late reply. Each item has a description caption that is also a link to the specific store. I have added a pair to my Christmas wish list LOL


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