Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Book Cover of the Month - October

Took a little break from blogging this month, but thought to at least end it with Book Cover of the Month for October before going full force again in November. Hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween! Whether you celebrate it or not I hope that it is fun for you all.

There was no Book Cover feature for September. It wasn't due to forgetfulness or laziness. Simply.... there were NONE that I really liked! It happens.

With all the choices out there of new releases, these really grabbed my attention for October.

They are all very beautiful and interesting to me for different reasons. Love the colors and imagination of all of them. But in the spirit of the theme of this post, I chose only one as my pick for the month. They are all so different, I don't think it will be predictable at all which one is my fave!

And the winning book cover for me this month is:

(click on cover above to be taken to book page on Goodreads.com)

Not sure if you saw that one coming! 

What do I love about it? The simplicity of it is what actually draws my attention to the book, more than anything. I love this shade of red, and the beautiful frame of the book. The doodles in the middle of the cover are surprisingly appealing to me also. Ultimately, I would love to own a hardcopy of this book to display, I find it so elegant and pretty. (And of course, I would read it, not just display it. LOL)

What are your faves this month? Do you prefer another cover of the above three, or any other book?

Hope you are enjoying some really good books this month of October, especially as the weather turns a little cooler and the warmth of your favorite reading chair and blanket is so much cozier. :)

Happy Reading!


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