Thursday, November 30, 2017

Book Review - Reviver Amond (Lost Souls 0.5), by Avie Adams

Some women call me a cold bastard, but not to my face.

They are half wrong. Men like me are born in the twilight, live in the shadow, and die in darkness. I have no destiny, save for repaying the debt we owe to the Daemons. This is not to say I am cold – only principled...

Forced into a bitter dismissal of his debauched Incanta, Reviver Amond grudgingly sets out to find another, but his cynicism cracks as he chances upon an innocent girl with a pure voice.

His luck, however, is tinged with misfortune.

Reviver Grym, his corrupt, sworn enemy is also hell-bent on winning the girl called Cytriah. Amidst the fierce rivalry that breaks out between them, Amond’s orderly world disintegrates into an appalling revelation: Grym is hardly a threat to Cytriah.

The worst could happen if Cytriah ended up in his own hands…

Avie Adams has become an author to watch. I was not sure how much I would enjoy her first book Incanta Soul-Catcher which I reviewed here, and I was so surprised by how engrossed I became in the story. I was offered to read her shorter installment focusing on Amond and his backstory, and I could not get my hands on this any faster.

I was not surprised at how much I enjoyed his character. He was very intriguing in the first book, and he was even more so in this one. There are certainly many layers to Amond, more than I could imagine and some that are darker than I anticipated or could understand. But above all, this book did what I wanted it to do. It explained A LOT about who Amond is and why he was so cold in the first book.

I was surprised at the violence that brought him and his consort together, as I did not see him as having such a dark side. But he became even more intriguing! And that relationship too made more sense.

I was left with a sense of having my eyes opened to his character and wanting to re-read the first book again with fresh eyes. May actually do that because I wonder if I will see the story a little more differently the second time around. This is unusual for me, and a great testament to how great this series is shaping up to be.

It shouldn't be at all perplexing that I would continue to recommend this series. Fantasy lovers rejoice! This is definitely worth picking up. And I am really enjoying the originality of the world building and characters.

Happy Reading!

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