Friday, April 12, 2019

Random Reads - March Review and April 2019 Pick

I resurrected this challenge for myself last month (see post here) and loved brushing the virtual cobwebs off the title that was chosen. Forty Days was a free Amazon read, and I am kind of embarrassed to share how many free Amazon titles I have on my account. Suffice to say that if it wasn't for this personal challenge, this kindle copy would have sat gathering loads and loads of virtual dust. So lets get on to the quick review and then April's monthly pick, which I am very excited about.


Forty Days was a fairly quick read about the Noah's ark story in the bible, from the perspective of his granddaughter Neima. There was really not a lot of original content to the retelling, but it was interesting to have it told from the perspective of a relative of Noah, who, like many of his family along with those in the village they lived in, doubted Noah's predictions and found him to maybe be a little crazy... Ok, A LOT crazy. Yes it ends in a cliffhanger, but not even that cliffhanger makes me want to jump and buy the next installment. It was an entertaining free read, which I downloaded from Amazon, and I enjoyed it well enough but I am ok moving on to something else.

And now for April's Random Pick! Drum roll please!


And chose for me #612 which is The Hallowed Ones!! Squeeeeee! I am actually pretty excited to read this one. It's about time I finally grabbed a copy, since I clearly wanted to read it as a new release at the time. I hope it's enjoyable as my last two novels were REALLY disappointing, and I am due for a really good book. And as I write this, the toddler and baby are asleep, so I should get right on it!

Happy Reading!


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